Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet, Part 6

Dear Fudgelet,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written to you on here. Over a year, in fact! But, it’s not like you haven’t been all over this blog anyway. So, I hope you don’t mind. Besides, I now get to have full conversations with you in person, so I don’t need to share everything to some future Fudgelet. (Will I call you just Fudge on here when you get older?)

Either it has happened already or is about to, but you are officially a big brother. Obviously you’ve kind of been one leading up to this occasion, but there is something more real about actually seeing the baby Chiplet we’ve been talking about for so long. You’ve been so sweet and helpful along this journey and I hope it means that will all continue once he is here. You give him “a hug, a kiss, and a snuggle” through my belly, talk to him (well, yell at him is more like it), rest your head on me to hear him and feel him move, ask about him constantly, and talk about things you will do when he is here. I can tell he already recognizes your voice when you talk near my belly. I am excited for you to meet him, but maybe more excited for him to meet you.

We’ve looked back at your baby pictures and you’ve changed so much, but have always been my sweet boy. You understand that sometimes Mommy is tired and/or not feeling well, and you usually adapt accordingly. You’ve become so independent and are definitely ready for your next role as baby helper.

I know the first days, weeks, months, and even year will be challenging for us as we grow into our family of four, but I hope you never doubt how much we love you just as much as ever, maybe even more. Someone said that having a second child doesn’t mean you love your first child less, but that you gain a second heart. I totally believe that since there is always room to love more people and care for them.

I’ve tried to make our last months as a family of three special, with outings we won’t be able to do easily with a baby, doing more crafts and activities that again will be challenging with a baby, learning new skills, meeting new people, seeing friends, etc. Please be patient with me as I navigate this path with you, and I believe that you will like your brother more than you will be bothered by him (haha). And if he really bothers you, maybe you can talk to Daddy or Uncle C about dealing with little siblings.

Love you always,


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