Mixed Bag Mondays: Doughy Issues

Working with dough can be very hit or miss for me. Sometimes I get great results, and most times I feel like I have failures. It’s hard to tell how much is me and how much is a fault of the recipes. Regardless, I keep looking for and trying new recipes because I hope to improve my own skills. I had never made grilled pizza before, although I have made scallion pancakes.

I need to pull out my old recipe for the pancakes, because, well, let’s start there…

This recipe came from America’s Test Kitchen and it seemed to have potential. One of the main issues with this dish is the outside cooking faster than the dough inside.

I am here to tell you that these pancakes still turned out doughy inside, even after all of the fancy steps they had me do.

I will not make the same recipe again.

As for the next two recipes, I only have finished product pictures of the successful one.

I used an Alton Brown recipe for grilled pizza. The recipe was for a basic pizza dough recipe, which I followed.

The dough seemed fine as far as pizza dough goes, but what I learned is that regular pizza dough doesn’t work as well on the grill (in my experience). So, this is the final picture because the final product was lackluster and wasn’t worth my time to take the pictures.

Then I followed an America’s Test Kitchen recipe for grilled pizza. They discussed using a different kind of dough specifically for grilled pizza.

I followed what they said but was really concerned when I started grilling the pizza because it seemed overdone and burnt.

I ended up being too cautious and the first crust was the best of the three I made! I plan on making this recipe again, and grilling the crust properly. I think part of my issue was a learning curve for grilling pizza. But, this recipe was much better than the first attempt.

The pizza on the left is what scared me. It was the first pizza and it had a big air bubble burn and char. I worried the crust was ruined. It ended up tasting really good!

I had all of the toppings ready outside (tomato sauce I made, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and hot dog cut up). The parmesan cheese was the best idea! I don’t often have it on pizza, and it added a nice flavor to the pizza. You could really appreciate the saltiness of it, so it wasn’t wasted.

Adding basil makes them so much prettier, doesn’t it?

I liked the way the dough turned out, and hope to do it better next time. Grilling pizza is handy since your grill can get much hotter than your oven, and it keeps the excessive heat outside instead of in the house. If I make the recipe again and have more success, I will share any new tips and the steps.

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