Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Pieces (Mint Chocolate Chip) with Bonus Ice Cream Sandwich Idea

Is it okay for me to share another half-recipe with you? And an ice cream one when it is cool weather season? I hope so, because that is what you are getting today.

Basically, I followed a little bit of a recipe from my Bi-Rite Creamery cookbook. But then I mixed it up a bit because we had lots of milk to use up. So, it was kind of like my normal ice cream base but instead of vanilla, I just left it out and added peppermint extract (just a tiny bit) before churning. I did follow the Bi-Rite idea of melting chocolate, spreading it out thinly on my silicone liner (parchment would work, too), then letting it freeze until hard. At that point, you simply break it into small pieces and freeze again until ready to stir into your ice cream.

So, if you’re in the mood for something minty, this is fairly easy. And, if you like to add chocolate, I’ve got you covered, there, too. For more fun, you could even turn this into ice cream sandwiches. Make fudgy brownies, but make them thin. Cut the brownies in half and sandwich the ice cream between. Re-freeze, and boom! Ice cream sandwiches.

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