Summery Treats: Grilled Mustard Chicken and Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles

Apparently I made a bunch of seasonal summery foods this year, and I am running out of time to share them before it is essentially Christmas. I apologize. But at the same time, I don’t. If you’re like me, you might make some recipes immediately upon seeing them, or you might save them for later to get re-excited about them, OR you might even make dishes during the “wrong” time of the year.

Take the popsicles…you could easily make them year-round by using frozen strawberries or maybe fresh ones if you are lucky and find relatively cheap/sweet ones. You are cooking them down, so you don’t want to use your best strawberries for this anyway.

I made a half batch of the popsicles because I wasn’t sure how many it would make and I don’t have large popsicle makers. It actually still made quite a few, so I would stick with a half batch unless you looooooove popsicles.

I followed the recipe from here….mostly. I would recommend adding some honey to your yogurt to help sweeten it a bit. I used unsweetened yogurt, and with the lemon juice it was a bit tart for me. Adding a little honey was quick and perfect.

I used my food processor to do the mixing/blending because it is still relatively new and I love it.

After you cook down the strawberries and let it cool before blending it, you also make a lemonade/yogurt mixture. You keep some plain, and mix some of the yogurt mixture into the strawberries. Then, simply layer your popsicles.

Freeze and ta-da! Popsicles we are still eating over a month later.

Next, I wanted to share a recipe I found from Smitten Kitchen for mustard chicken skewers. But, this was before I had much practice with skewers on the grill. So, I ended up removing the skewers and just doing the chicken thighs in the sauce directly on the grill. Still delicious…

and I was also able to use the sauce with the potatoes since it made a lot.

She said it was very mustard-y, but both of my boys are not super into mustard and they still liked it. Sooooo, maybe only if you are super sensitive to it?


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