Tips-y Tuesdays: Kebabs and Skewers

This is a work in progress. I have been trying different kebab recipes and not had much luck. I did meatballs (wouldn’t stay on the skewers), chicken thighs that I tried not cutting into pieces, shrimp, and then chicken breasts.

Some main ideas I have picked up from making the skewers…

  • Make the pieces on the skewers as flat as possible. You want to be able to do one side, then flip to the other.
  • For your marinade/glaze, put some aside before using it on your raw meat. Then, you can use it at the end to add in extra flavor (and moisture).
  • For food that cooks faster, bigger pieces are good (like shrimp).
  • For food that cooks slower, you can start it in the microwave for a few minutes to cook it, then just add the browning and flavor (and extra cooking time) on the skewers.
  • Direct heat seems to work best because it gives the best grill flavor.
  • Food tends to cook quickly on skewers, so have everything ready to go (including final sauces) once you start grilling.
  • Oil your grates to keep the food from sticking (it should be obvious, but it is easy to forget).
  • I usually bring out my skewers on a cutting board/large plate, then take it inside to wash. Have a clean plate with foil to tent ready to go for the finished skewers, especially if some skewers take longer to cook than others in a batch.
  • Keep the skewers simple while you’re figuring out what you like.

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