Fudgelet Adventures (part 8): Baking and Painting

Just a quick little post today with some fun the Fudgelet and I had back in the spring. Yes, I probably could switch to 3 posts a week on here to keep things closer to when they happen, but…well, I’m also trying to keep my normal writing routine going strong so that I can maybe get lots of posts lined up for post-new baby arrival. Last time I think I scheduled for about 1 or 2 months after the Fudgelet’s arrival, so we shall see if I can do at least that. Still lots of new recipes coming, too.

Now, I realize that you may not desire to paint egg pictures at this time of year, unless you are like one of the Fudgelet’s friends who loves eggs and had an “Eggstravaganza” for her birthday party this year. But, you could easily do this with any shape for any holiday. We hadn’t done anything for Easter, except for some foam eggs from the year before. This was because I knew we would be away for the days surrounding Easter. So, last minute I made a little craft where I just outlined the egg shapes roughly and let him have at it.

I was trying to have him make designs and then use a foam brush to smear them around, but he was more interested in the painting than the smearing.

The best part? They don’t need to look a certain way, and when he was done we let them dry before I cut out the egg shapes. Ta-da! Instant egg decorations.

We also did a short baking activity since our neighbors had given the Fudgelet some of their old games. We wanted to make them a treat as a thank you. The Fudgelet helped make the new recipe from the Dorie Greenspan Cookie cookbook.

He was very interested in smelling the coconut. The little cookies it made were good, if not my favorite kind of cookie. I figured they were small, easy to eat, and a little unique but still with chocolate chips to keep them familiar.

The dough was a little stiff, but the Fudgelet tried to squeeze out the cookies for me anyway.

It was a fun afternoon followed by playtime with the same neighbors outside. The boy even lets him ride on the big bike sometimes.


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