Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 3 Years Old!

Remember when I first shared this? And then he arrived less than 6 months later. Well, much has changed in these three years. I’d say much has even changed from his 2 years old post. He is even more “a person” than 6 months ago.

I was actually talking with the Fudgelet about this, which is something special all on its own. I can talk with him about ideas, and he has his own opinions and articulate thoughts. He also has a full vocabulary to discuss his feelings, activities we do, places and objects he sees, etc. It’s amazing. Occasionally K will take him for an hour or two (especially while I’ve been extra tired from pregnancy) and when he comes back, the Fudgelet will fill me in on all of the details. Which parks they saw, what they did, what his favorite parts were.

We did move him finally to a toddler bed. He had no signs of climbing out, but placing him inside and out of the crib was getting tiring while pregnant, and we hope to use his crib for the baby.

We hyped up the bed for awhile, and he was super excited. No difference in how he has slept, except occasionally his legs/feet fall out of the bed waking him up. Or he loses a “friend” over the edge and won’t climb down to get them. Yes, you read that correctly. For now, anyway, he won’t leave his bed until we go in. I am fully anticipating waking up to find him looking at me in my bed one morning (eep!).

Update on that…he actually has gotten out of bed and even opened the door but now waits for me in bed since I told him he needed to. Occasionally I will talk to him through the baby monitor and tell him to come to my room to find me, and he gets all excited.

For updates on what he can do now…

  1. He talks up a storm. Paragraphs and pages of words at a time.
  2. He likes rides, such as roller coasters.
  3. He is able to draw some pictures and letters.
  4. He can read some words.
  5. He can walk a lot more than before, which is why we aren’t bothering with a double stroller for the baby.
  6. He no longer naps but does really great sleep at night.
  7. He sings a lot (he told me to write that).
  8. He is pretty good at restaurants, mostly being quiet and behaving. He isn’t into the coloring things they provide, but likes to talk about what he sees at the places.
  9. He is excited to meet the baby and keeps saying he wants the baby to come out and play.
  10. He loves spending time with our friends and wants to see them everyday (me, too!)
  11. He picks out his clothes most days, which means that he tends to wear the same shirts over and over. I try to hide them after I wash them so that he will be forced to pick something different. Right now he is obsessed with the skeleton shirt you see above and a Lightening McQueen shirt (from the Cars movies…although he has yet to watch a movie).
  12. He wants to help with everything. From picking out OUR clothes, to helping K put on/take off his belt, putting away dishes, cooking, etc. He is able to get himself mostly dressed and recently learned how to put his socks on. This is important for the next one…
  13. Toilet training is going mostly well. We decided to go for the slow approach. He still wears a diaper but usually doesn’t need it. He has learned to go at certain times (like before we go out somewhere) and sometimes will even tell me he needs the toilet. I’m quite pleased with the progress and hope he will be mostly done or all done by the time the baby comes.

All in all, the Fudgelet has grown up so much from a year ago. It’s hard to believe how quickly he changes. He keeps getting better as he learns new things, and is one of my favorite people to be around. Having the Fudgelet makes me excited for the next child. I look forward to them playing together and learning from each other. The Fudgelet is going to be a great big brother and an even better 3 year old!

Stay tuned for cake pictures…I will have to find the time to share whatever treats he enjoyed for being 3.

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