Topic-Changing Thursdays: Summer Trip 2017

Before I let the summer get away from us, last month we went to Maryland for what will be our only visit this year, since this Christmas we will be home celebrating our first weeks as a family of 4. We had a few goals for this visit…

  1. See family and friends (duh, always)
  2. Eat crabs
  3. Eat some Maryland-only baked goods
  4. Go to the beach (Fudgelet’s first visit)
  5. Celebrate the baby news with everyone
  6. Remember why Seattle summers are much nicer (in general) than Maryland summers–haha

We definitely saw a lot of people, which is always nice.

This trip was a bit trickier because the Fudgelet seemed to be fighting colds and teething, making him extra clingy and extra inflexible. He normally likes being bounced around a bit from place to place, but this time was more easily stressed. I don’t know if it was just not feeling well or if it is also the age. Either way, we’re not back for awhile, so hopefully he will be better next time.

For the flight, he was a bit of a wreck. Extra tired from not enough sleep the night before meant he cried for about 2 hours on the flight before he finally napped…for 50 minutes. Eep! After it, he was much better and was snacking, reading the airplane pamphlets, and so on.

That picture was actually taken before we left, hence rubbing his eyes because he was tired. Notice his long sleeves? When we left Seattle, the weather was chilly but had been super warm the week prior. When we got to Maryland, it remained chilly, albeit humid, for the start. This meant our beach trip was a bit rainy and cool.

He didn’t mind, and we were okay…no need to worry about sunburns or sweating too much.

This was his first real beach and ocean, and his first time at a pool. I was surprised how well he and I did at the pool together! I was so nervous ahead of time thinking I would drop him or something, but we both did well and had a good time. The pool was cold, though, so we didn’t last very long. I’m just glad his first pool experience was fun, though, and not scary.

He loved watching the ocean waves, hearing them, and feeling them on his feet and legs. He just wanted to stand by the edge the whole time. Eventually we got him to play in the sand, too, but by far his favorite part was the water.

There was lots to see on our beach walks, too. Seashells, dolphins (see the picture below), and one night there were construction vehicles on the beach moving sand around. He was soooo excited!

Our final day was really cold and windy, so we skipped our early morning beach plans and just packed up early to do the boardwalk.

Unfortunately, the rides didn’t open until 1, so we did a little walking around and then ate lunch.

I took advantage of my Maryland location and ate a soft shell crab sandwich: my first in years!

By the time we were done, we were able to show the Fudgelet the rides. It took some convincing, but after getting him to ride a train, and then a merry-go-round, he kept going.

We also had time to do the arcade, and he loved winning tickets and exchanging them for little toys.

Then he fished and won a dolphin which he asked to sleep with in the car.

The beach was only part of our trip. We also enjoyed steamed crabs, a family party, a park, and other random adventures.

It’s all a bit bittersweet since we won’t be back for awhile, but hopefully some people can come visit us soon, too. Bye again for now, East Coast!

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