Topic-Changing Thursdays: First Trimester

That’s right. Here is the official blog announcement. There is going to be a second Fudgelet in the family. Well, obviously I won’t call that child Fudgelet as well. I will need a second nickname. It is still a bit early to be confident on the gender, so we shall see. I had joked previously about making the name related to salt/chips/etc. in honor of K’s favorite treats. And it could work in a sweet and salty way for their names. Anyway, I am not focusing on the baby today as much as myself. I don’t get too many chances to be selfish these days, and I am taking advantage of it on here today. This is also my moment to remind sensitive souls and eyes to stop reading here. If you don’t enjoy knowing or hearing about female things, then go now and come back next post.

There are plenty of positives to being pregnant (positive pun intended). Firstly, we had been trying for awhile (despite what I told nosy people who kept asking…the same people who get shot down when they go on and on about my extended breastfeeding with the Fudgelet), so it is always exciting to finally get a positive test when I had been checking regularly. I didn’t even get my cycle back until late Fall, so clearly my body wasn’t ready for a second kid. It needed to catch up on some sleep first.

There are also exciting parts of the beginning…telling your partner, telling close family and friends, making plans for down the road. When I found out, it was a Friday evening and I had had a rough week with the Fudgelet. I had been so easily irritated and sad, we hadn’t been able to see our friends, friends were having hard times, and so on. K had also been working lots of hours and I really wanted more time with him. I randomly decided to take the test even though my cycle wasn’t due for awhile yet (my cycles are irregular and super long, making taking tests a challenge). It had just the one line and I sighed “of course”…then when I went back to it a minute later it was a positive! It was so exciting and I called K immediately. I could have waited until he came home, but knew he would like to have some happy news to take him through a Friday rush hour commute home.

Now for the real rant

Pregnancy, particularly the first trimester, just plain stinks.

Basically, you feel the worst during the time you don’t want to tell everyone. Obviously you can tell people, but there is the increased chance of miscarriage at this point and I’d rather not share that with the entire world. I wasn’t even up for telling people we were ready for a second kid. None of their business (although I was hounded about it often). Having a toddler who is understanding helps a lot. I am glad he is at the age when I can tell him I am not feeling well, and often we spend afternoons reading books on the couch since I’m too tired to do much playing. Or he will play in front of me while I lay there marooned. The nausea is the same as last time, but maybe better since I know it should get better. (side note from future Aly, it did get better)

There is also the whole feeling of “all of a sudden my life will be completely different in less than a year and I am trying not to panic, but people don’t understand why I am in a state of panic.” I think finding out I was pregnant had me start nesting early. I started looking at preschools for the Fudgelet (registration isn’t for almost another year), steam-cleaned a bunch of our carpets, organized different areas of the house, etc. There is so much uncertainty with the first trimester, as well. The other day my nausea went away for a bit and I was worried something was wrong with the baby. I was relieved when it came back. So strange!

This time, I have better ideas of how things will go and what we need. For instance, last time I was so scared to exercise much at the beginning before I spoke with my doctor. Now I know I can continue everything as long as it feels okay. I have done a couple runs with K and the Fudgelet. The first one was fine, but the second one I felt terrible the rest of the day. So, that means I likely won’t be running for the rest of this pregnancy, but that’s okay. Everything else still feels good, and helps me with the morning sickness.

As far as planning for the baby, we are moving the Fudgelet to a toddler bed and in another few months to a “big boy room.” This way before the baby arrives he will be settled and not feel displaced. It also gives me time to prepare his room before the baby, since my time will be split between the two kids. Obviously we will still need a few purchases, like some baby clothes since the seasons are different, a dresser for the second kid, and so on, but we mostly have everything we need (boy or girl) which feels great! I’m also hoping that our appliances stay working properly so that I can make some freezer meals, too. (haha? too soon?)

Once again, I will have to ask forgiveness and beg patience once the baby eventually arrives. I hope to continue my twice a week posts, even if only half are recipes and half are all BABY BABY BABY (TODDLER TOO). Who knows, maybe this new kid will sleep like an angel and give me lots of time to update the blog. K keeps telling me that if the new kid sleeps well, something else bad needs to replace it since the kid can’t be perfect. Can you tell him he is wrong? Please?

In conclusion, pregnancy is hard whether it is your first, second, or millionth (can you imagine?) time. It is rewarding, eventually, but in the meantime it feels like a race. I will keep you all posted on the journey and my preparations.

3 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: First Trimester

  1. Congratulations! Tell K that as a baby, I slept through the night from day 1 and according to Mom was the perfect child! Lol Wishing you health and a peaceful happy pregnancy. I really enjoyed mine!

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