Fudgelet Adventures (part 7): Number Line

After our letter adventures, we moved to numbers. I decided to make a number line since there was the perfect space in our dining room to hang them. I thought about looping all around but decided to just do the one wall. We managed to fit 1-25 which was a good start for him to practice counting over 10.

To start, we did 1 Fudgelet (that was him wearing one of his favorite sweaters, a Panda sweatshirt). Next, we have “two eyes”. Then, a triceratops (a favorite dinosaur) has 3 horns.

4 wheels on the trucks, 5 fingers on a hand, 6 sides on a honeycomb, 7 balloons…

The 8 was done with a (slightly goofy) octagonal shape using contact paper to cover the “8”. The 9 was hearts for Valentine’s Day that day. And then 10 was Hopscotch since he has a toy version. We also started drawing it outside with sidewalk chalk. He managed to glue them in order for that.

11 pom-poms, 12 hours on the clock (the contact paper for those numbers–and having to do them backwards!!–was so hard), 13 segments on our caterpillar…

14 stickers (7 on each digit), 15 yarn lines…

I actually had to do most of the threading, but he would help pull it through. The yarn was so long, he would run across the room with it to pull it out.

I found a connect the dot for 16 that he also colored…it was originally letters, so I used white out to make it numbers. 17 scales on the fish. By the way, you might notice huge “17” and the smaller 17. The huge one is to help him as he runs down the number line. Otherwise he would stop and get confused for what number it was if he wanted to go quickly. This way he could identify “17” as seventeen without having to count the scales all over again. I figure he was getting counting practice each day as it was with all of these.

Again, stickers…9 on each digit. He was in love with stickers, so they were easy on days we were short on time and fun for him. 19 spikes on our stegosaurus.

20 gumballs in our machine…colored with some help from Daddy.

21 pom poms on our one-eyed monster. The 22 is a bit tricky to see…there is a train on the one end of the 2, and then behind it are 22 train carts.

More contact paper to do 23 holes on 23.

24 was 24 cotton balls for our sheep. He insisted on the pink color which makes the sheep look sacrificed or something, eep! And 25 feathers for our turkey!

Lots of numbers but still lots of fun for him since he regularly goes over to count his number line. And, if he forgets a number (often 11 and 12), I send him over to go and count. He remembers what they are if he counts, but not always when he sees the numbers. He wants to say 10-teen or other versions with “teen”.

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