Friday Favorites 25

I haven’t shared any favorites for awhile, and it’s about time I do…to be honest, I’ve been a bit busy the last few months and haven’t had much internet browsing time. The only browsing has been to make some food for dinner that week, and that’s it. I will admit that I’ve been following lots of makeup videos and pages though, so that has stolen some of my time. I can’t help it; I am attracted to pretty things in all forms.

Our beach trip isn’t for a little longer yet, so you will have to wait to see pictures of the Fudgelet enjoying the sand. For now, here is a picture from our last vacation visiting family in Oklahoma.

  1. Let’s come back to my favorites with a classic kind of favorite…chocolate cake! This one looks so rich you could only have a thin slice. Or, at least, that’s what I tell myself. I would probably still eat a wedge.
  2. These cupcakes are a treat that I know some coffee fans would love. They are also fairly simple to give you a hint of tiramisu.
  3. I have made bagels before, and they were okay but I have always wanted to try again.
  4. This is a breakfast treat that I would maybe try but probably skip (I never liked the store ones)…but I live with a Pop-Tart fan.
  5. Let’s wrap up this post with a bread I really want to eat…and make, but mostly eat.

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