Fudgelet Adventures (part 6): Lowercase Letters TUVWXYZ

I realized it had been awhile since I updated on what happened with our letters. And part of the problem is I hadn’t actually taken pictures of the remaining ones. Or, at least, I thought I did, but haven’t been able to find them. Sooooo, not sure. Anyway, I just took pictures of them since they are still hanging up. We use them to help remember letter sounds when we are spelling and sounding out words. I also took pictures of our number line which I will post maybe next week.

So, at long last, the final 7 letters of the alphabet…

“T” or “t” for train or train track. The train was originally in the empty black part…but then he insisted on moving it down. Hence the funny glue stain on the paper. Oh well. It’s his letters, so his choice!

Next we have u…for this one, I wanted it to be a word that actually has the “u” sound versus an “uh” sound to help him learn it. And since he already knew the word “utensil”, this was an easy one for him.

I left out knives for obvious toddler reasons. Forks are pointy enough! He also got to color/scribble on it.

Volcano was a bit tricky, but we talked about it on his dinosaur puzzles, so he had an idea what it should look like. I used contact paper to mark off the volcanoes and keep them from getting painted.

It was a little tricky to find something in the shape of a “w” that was obvious for the Fudgelet. So, we went with a whale since that was a favorite animal of the time, thanks to a book. The whale wears a crown supported by water, I suppose. 😉 Plastic wrap for the “water” and a googly eye made this a hit for the Fudgelet.

This one was very fast since the Fudgelet didn’t like having paint on his hand. I just put white tempera paint on his hand for the “x-ray” and then used a brush to outline it and make it look a bit more realistic. He helped me glue the Q-tips as bones. We were going to put the Q-tips on his hand print, but I thought the print looked so cool as it was. He didn’t know what X-rays were before this, so we had a bit of a science lesson that day, too!

For the y, I used cardboard from a box, so it was laminated. I hoped it would make it sturdy, but it just made it really difficult to poke holes. I used a real needle with the yarn, but one that was huge and blunt. He had fun poking it through, but it was tricky.

Finally, for z, we had a letter ready to go from our neighborhood play group, which is what started this whole alphabet thing in the first place. It seemed fitting to end with it, and it was better than other “z” options I had. It was also the Fudgelet’s pick. All he had to do was glue and match up the papers to the picture. Easy peasy.

Stay tuned for our number line!


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