Tips-y Tuesdays: Making New Crayons from Old Crayons

This is all over the internet, so I’m not really sharing any groundbreaking news here. But, I do have some tips on how to make new crayons from old crayons. These were another Valentine’s Day gift we made for our friends. The Fudgelet loves playing with them. Sometimes he wants his regular crayons, but he often wants to draw with these instead.

Let’s start with why you might want to make these. Maybe you have a bunch of old crayons that are in pieces. Maybe you happened to find some slightly sketchy-looking box of crayons that must have belonged to the previous owner of your house and you think they are brand new but who really knows? Maybe you just want to make some fun crayon shapes. Either way, you start with your crayons. You also want to have a silicone mold.

First, the mold

And let me emphasize this part…make it a mold you don’t wish to use for edible things. You can reuse it…we are, but it was such a pain to clean after! I tried spraying it first, using the dishwasher…nothing. Just lots and lots of scrubbing in all of the nooks and crannies. And if you use a complicated mold, you might have some trouble. As you can see in a picture below, we used both a Lego block mold and a Lego person mold. The person one kept cracking at the neck and other limbs, no matter how hard I tried to get it to work. I would stick to a mold that doesn’t have many side pieces coming off. So, hearts, blocks, triangles, etc…those kinds of basic shapes would work best.

Next, prep the crayons

Obviously you can use any crayons you like. If you use a standard 24 pack like I did, you might realize that there are loads more dark colors than bright colors. Next time I would use the brights from another box too, just to mix it up more. To prep the crayons, you just soak them in warm water until you can peel off the label. I was surprised how well it worked. Some took longer to soak, but even though these were old crayons they still worked well.

You probably should cut the crayons. I broke them by hand which is okay, but it is hard to get small pieces to fit nicely in the mold, and it tires your hands.

Picking Your Colors

Now is the fun part! Have your kid (or you can do it) place the crayons in the molds, however you want them to look.

He had a lot of fun choosing and making them. One box of 24 crayons will make about 15-20 Lego bricks.

When you are ready, it’s time to bake them. You can try the microwave, but I tried it and they weren’t melting well. It took a long time and they weren’t even. The oven was much better. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and they are done in about 10-15 minutes. I put my molds on a baking sheet to make moving them and out of the oven easier, with less mess. You might wish to line the baking sheet to not have to clean up melted crayon later from your sheet.

I really wish the people had worked out! After they are cool enough to handle, pop them out to cool completely.


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