Heart Cookies and Brownies

These were some treats we made for the week surrounding Valentine’s Day. Most were shared with friends, and a few were saved for us to enjoy. I wasn’t really pleased with either cookie recipe, so I won’t be sharing them but the brownie recipe was one I’ve already shared here and enjoy.

The first recipe is from a cookbook I have yet to find anything enjoyable… Miette. They were easier to work with than the second recipe but not as tasty.

The Fudgelet enjoyed helping cut out the cookies which meant some weren’t perfect looking, but it was important that he help make the treats for our friends.

I filled these, but they might have been better without.

The second recipe was a true disappointment because it is from Dorie Greenspan, and I love her recipes (usually). Maybe I screwed it up a bit, but it is unlikely I will try making the recipe again. It was a really difficult dough, although it tasted good.

I made the frosting she paired with them, but tinted it with red food coloring to make it more Valentine’s Day themed.

And yes, that is a sampled cookie above. Quality control. They were okay…not the best cookies every. Now, the brownies were a big hit.

I love adding chocolate chips into my brownies. A nice crunch in a fudgy interior.

I have one more Valentine’s Day activity we made for our friends that I will share at a later time. For now, maybe you have a desire to go make heart treats for the ones you love.

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