Fudgelet Adventures (part 5): Lowercase Letters MNOPQRS

And here with are with another batch of lowercase letters to enjoy. As you can see, I stopped taking as many progress pictures…and often forgot to take pictures each day of the letters. So, some are group shots. Buying the googly eyes was a great investment. As you can see, eyes were added to just about everything. Easy for mom, fun for son.


Let’s start with m…

For m, he picked mittens, and because he has a pair of monster mittens that he loves, we made these match.


A little different, but the same idea.

Next was n, which doesn’t get its own picture…we did a ninja n. I think he picked it to use the eyes.


You can’t tell from far away, but the yellow part of the n is actually a foam sheet I cut to add a little fun texture. For o, we had to do octopus.


He attempted to color the tentacle circles as you can see above.

Next was p, and he had a few options but ultimately chose “penguin.”


He made us use two eyes even though it was supposed to be a profile picture, haha.


The letter q was tricky since there aren’t many q nouns he knows. We have a quilt covering our tv stand. Normally we just call it a blanket, but I taught him the word quilt so that we could use it. Then I cut up felt and foam squares for him to arrange on the q.


For r, we mixed “rainbow” for the colored cars (the g one is camouflaged), and “road.” You could even go crazier and say they are “race cars.”

S was simple since we did snake. He chose to paint the snake.


Here it is drying…we have finished all of the letters at this point, and have been doing numbers. Next time I will have to finish showing you the letters (and include the finished “s”) and then start showing our number line.

How many numbers will we do before I run out of ideas? Will we continue to have a craft everyday? Stay tuned!


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