Mixed Bag Mondays (part 13): Mostly Misses

Let’s start with the cute…the Fudgelet attempting to help me line the cupcake tray. He struggled with separating them and mostly would give me a stack of 5-10 in each. Oops.


Now let’s talk about those cupcakes. I can’t remember which recipe it is because it wasn’t remarkable enough to bother remembering. I want to say it was from my Back in the Day Bakery cookbook…but I could be wrong.


It wasn’t a bad cupcake, but not amazing. Good enough to eat, but not really good enough to make again.

img_5283 img_5291

The frosting was a little annoying to make and too sweet for me.


Then let’s go to another “middle of the pack” recipe. I was shocked that I was not a huge fan of a cookie recipe from Dorie Greenspan. This is from her latest book, a book all about cookies.


It started with coffee, and there are chocolate chunks in the recipe, so I used some coffee flavored chocolate that we enjoy.


The coffee goes straight into the dough.


You roll it out and then cut out rounds to fit in a muffin tin for baking.


I should have done smaller chocolate chunks, because it was hard cutting around them in the chilled dough.


It was a little tricky to cut them and then put them in the pan because the dough was a bit hard.


And then when they baked, I must have overbaked them? They came out a little too thin and almost burnt for me.


I would possibly make them again and try making the cookies thicker and bake them for less time…but there are so many other cookie recipes to try, that I might wait for awhile.


Finally we come to the worst of the three recipes today. This was one I was super excited to make from The Faux Martha. It is a recipe I linked to in a Friday Favorites because it seemed so cool. You blend the sauce together.


Then it looks nice and ugly…


Take raw pasta…


And pour the sauce on top before baking.


Top with mozzarella after it bakes for a bit…

img_5376 img_5377

And ta-da! The sauce will magically look normal and the pasta will be cooked perfectly.


Or not. This did not look good and didn’t even taste good. The pasta had a funny texture…kind of chewy? The sauce was also not tasty. K and the Fudgelet liked it a bit more than I did, but I apologized for it the whole time we ate it.

Oh well. I have had some successes recently too, that I will continue to share. In the meantime, keep at it in the kitchen!


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