Fudgelet Adventures (part 4): Lowercase Letters DEFGHIJK

We have continued our letters and by the time you read this, we are done all of our letters. I’m trying to think about what to do next…some sort of unit test? Haha. Anyway, I have tried to get pictures of most of the letters, but sometimes I either forget or my hands are coated in glue. Either way, you can see at least one picture of each letter in its final state, and most with some progress shots.


I’ve been trying to work on some of his skills besides his letters as we do these activities. So, for instance, working on gluing. We’ve done several versions of gluing…he has helped me squeeze it out, we’ve tried glue sticks (he doesn’t press down hard enough), brushing the glue with a foam brush, and just having me squeeze out the glue and have him place the objects. So far the last option works the best if we are in a time crunch. He prefers the purple sparkly glue over the plain white one (go figure), and the liquid over the sticks.


He gets to pick most of the colors and also the pictures. Each night at dinner we brainstorm words for the letter of the day, and then when we are done, we look ahead to the next day and see what we want to make. For instance, with “G” he also could have chosen a giraffe but decided he preferred the grapes one. We look at different images and then do our own version that suits my artistic level (ha) and his interests.


I also try to incorporate different textures like the bubble wrap (idea from I Can Teach My Child) and felt to make them more fun.


For “d” we followed the blog I mentioned above. You take acrylic paint and brush it on the bubble wrap, which is glued to the letter “d”…

img_5368 img_5369 img_5370

It took awhile to dry, so I am glad we started it in the morning.


We had to add the tail, head, and legs. The Fudgelet dictated what the head and tail should look like.


“e” is one of my favorites. It is just so cute!

img_5391 img_5392

For “f”, we chose fire/flames. He is really interested in firefighters right now, so this was appropriate.

img_5413 img_5414

I cut out a bunch of colored squares and put glue on the “f”. Then he placed them however he wanted. And yes, he is still wearing his Christmas clothes.


Grapes were very similar, but I just used circles instead, and some leaves.

img_5420 img_5423

For the horse, I used felt for the hair and cut out the other parts. Having him help me assemble it was amusing…also a little frustrating because he didn’t want to follow the picture/directions, but he is a toddler after all.

img_5432 img_5433

It took me awhile to figure out what to do for “i”. A lot of places did “iguana” but he doesn’t know what that is. It would just look like a lizard or dragon or something else similar. Too confusing for learning the letter. Then, K and I brainstormed what ice cream could look like and I played around with it the next morning before the Fudgelet was ready.


I guided him for the major pieces to make sure there would be room and make sure it would look like an “i”, but then he cut to put the “sprinkles” wherever.

For “j”, I don’t have any progress pictures but you can see it in the first picture of this post. I did a person jumping in jeans and a jacket.

Next was “k” and he chose the kangaroo. He wanted us to add the “joey” but I thought it might be confusing with “j”.


He was excited when we made it and found his stuffed animal kangaroo to pose with it.


Finally for this post I bring you “l” is for ladybug…


I tried to have him practice coloring in the circles. I helped him on one…can you see which one? Haha. The rest…well, at least they had color in them…and around them.

You might also notice that we bought googly eyes at this point. I saw them at our grocery store and couldn’t resist. Cutting out eyes was a pain, he could actually place these on his own (after I put glue on them), and he likes picking out the sizes.


I used a pipe cleaner for the antennae, which I had from our flight to Maryland. Except for the googly eyes and acrylic paint, I have avoided buying new stuff for these letters. It’s been fun using up random leftovers from other projects.




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