Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 2.5 Years Old!

This is past due because I wasn’t going to make a big deal of the “half year mark” other than continuing to say “2.5 years old” when people ask me, as I have been answering for the last month or more. Otherwise, I wasn’t planning anything. Then I remembered the photo shoot from last year and how he had fun with it. And not long after I watched Yolanda on How to Cake It make a half birthday cake for her son, I thought it could be fun. I decided about three days before his special day to make a cake and make it a “thing”. He picked the cake, but I knew he would want that kind anyway, so I was prepared. I let him pick the size (either an 8-inch shorter cake or a 6-inch taller cake). He picked the 8 inch, and I made a half batch of a cake recipe…but a full frosting recipe, which was necessary with all of the layers. He also directed his photo shoot and enjoyed it immensely. I think the most fun part was watching me drag around the huge panda from room to room when he wanted pictures in a different spot.


Other than cake and a photo shoot, we didn’t do anything special for his day. It was fun watching him say over and over how excited he was for the cake. It was enough to make the day special, I guess! He had to wait until after dinner even though I had finished it in the morning. If he is super awesome he occasionally gets a sweet treat with lunch, but it’s very rare. I don’t want to risk a blood sugar spike right before naptime, haha.


As far as what has changed since he turned 2


What Has Changed

  1. He sleeps through the night (most of the time).
  2. He speaks in paragraphs instead of short sentences.
  3. He gets quite attached to stuffed animals and other “friends”.
  4. He is more independent, especially with playtime.
  5. He picks out his outfits most days and won’t let me have much input.
  6. He uses utensils fairly well…although still does better with a bib that catches food.
  7. He sings all kinds of songs and knows most of the words to even long pop songs. He also makes up his own songs with his own melodies, or changes the words to songs.
  8. He loves to pose for pictures. For awhile he would close his eyes on purpose, and now he will do “big eyes”. Then he wants to see the pictures to laugh at how “silly” he is.
  9. He is generally happy, but if he wakes up crying, he is generally whiny and cranky most of the day. If he wakes up happy, he is generally happy the rest of the day.


What Has Stayed the Same

  1. He still loves learning. We have been working on the sounds of letters and learning how to sound out words (more modeling than him doing it at this point).
  2. He still is not the best sleeper and takes forever to go to sleep at night.
  3. He still has lots of toys and loves playing with all of them…even some older baby toys.
  4. He still gets scared easily of noisy toys/places, large toys/people/animals, etc.
  5. He still likes to help me bake (I now only bake when he is around so that he can participate).
  6. He eats better than the average toddler.


Over the next 6 months, I hope he continues to grow and learn. Each new age is my favorite age.

dsc08511 dsc08457

And hopefully he always likes my cakes, even when they are not as picture perfect…


I will share the cake recipe in a future post. It tastes good but was a bit crumbly. 😀


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