Fudgelet Adventures (part 3): Lowercase Letters ABC

The Fudgelet knows his uppercase letters pretty easily, and even does things like finding them in random shapes/lines (he found a W shape with our sliding doors) and making them (with his food, with his arms/hands, etc.).

Here he is painting and you can see the "T" he made and was proud of.

Here he is painting and you can see the “T” he made and was proud of.

Occasionally we go to a playgroup in our neighborhood center and they get to do fun stuff like sing songs, dance around, and make a craft. One week we made a letter “b” as seen below.


It was a lowercase “b” and we’ve talked about “little b” and other lowercase letters other times, too. He has surprised me with how well he knows them. Not nearly as well as uppercase letters, but we haven’t actually spent much time learning lowercase letters, so I decided it was a good time to start.


I tried to find the rest of the letters to match the “b” but discovered it was both expensive (you had to buy a classroom set) and not my favorite (some words weren’t ones my toddler would really know that well yet, like island). So, off to Pinterest and searches for crafts. I found a fun site with a bunch of activities. We’ve done our own versions since sometimes the Fudgelet has his own opinions, and I’d rather follow his interests. For instance, “C” could be for many things…he decided it should be for Cookie…Monster! Haha. So, that’s what we did. Look below for letters A, B, and C. I hope to continue posting with the rest of our letters as we do them.

We also brainstormed words that start with those letters to put on the backs of our crafts. You can see the back of the “a” above.


To do the “a” I did “a is for apple” using contact paper to make an “a.”


Then I put it on a piece of scrapbook paper (a bit stiffer than our construction paper). I had him paint the paper red, all over the letter, then cut out an apple shape.


Next I had him paint brown on a paper and green on a different paper to make a stem and leaf.

img_5342 img_5344 img_5350

And yes, every time I say stem and leaf I think “stem and leaf plot.”


After letting the paint dry fully, I removed the contact paper to reveal the white “a.”


Then I cut out a stem shape and a leaf shape (just drew freehand) on his painted papers. We glued them to the apple.



Next was “c” since we did “b” out of order. We went with Cookie Monster since that is what he wanted.


We used construction paper for everything, cutting out circles for the eyes (black and white parts), a black mouth, and a blue circle for the head (but I lopped off part of it on top to flatten it since his head is a funny shape). I also added some fringe by cutting along the edge of the blue since he is fuzzy. Then for the “c” we made a cookie on brown paper and cut out a “c” part. The Fudgelet helped me draw chocolate chips with crayon. Then we glued everything together.


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