Topic-Changing Thursdays: Leaf Painting (and more)

Something simple for today. Obviously we are in Winter and there aren’t leaves all around to do this now. Sooo, this will have to be something you save. Or you could use other objects and do the same idea. Basically, the Fudgelet and I picked up some leaves on our way home from a walk (we had gone to a toddler activity in the neighborhood). I wrapped them in plastic wrap to keep them a bit fresh and flat until we were ready to use them.


And then…

Time for painting!


I just used our washable kid paint (from Crayola) which has been great to paint many things, from paper, to ornaments, to pumpkins, and to these leaves on paper.

20161012_172021112_ios 20161012_175105700_ios 20161012_175120110_ios 20161012_192031311_ios 20161210_232609846_ios

All I did was tape the leaves (with rolled tape on the back) to construction paper. I also taped the construction paper down just because it moves a bit much for him otherwise.


I removed the leaves after it dried for a few minutes. You could even go nuts painting the leaves more elaborately and save them.


Different types of leaves made different looks, obviously. It was a fun Fall project.



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