Friday Favorites 24

I am writing this from my in-laws’ house. Being away from home generally means I have more time to do random internet browsing because I can’t/don’t need to do some of my regular activities I save for Fudgelet’s sleeping hours. Unfortunately, we have been here for four days now, and today was the first day he decided to nap. Ugh. I am hoping the napping trend will continue and that his jet lag gets better, but I should also add that it is 9:40 pm and he is still awake (he is usually asleep by now at home). The one saving grace on his sleep has been that he is still mostly sleeping through the night here, and since I am right next to him (his mattress is on the floor), I generally just have to hand him a stuffed animal or tuck him back in if he gets distressed, then return to bed. I’ve been waking and struggling to fall asleep myself this visit, so it’s not just him.

Another difference to being away from home is I do less snacking. There are snacks, and I could get more if I wanted, but I try to cut back a bit since I don’t get to exercise away from home either. This has made browsing food recipes torturous. Not to mention that there are meals I want to make RIGHT NOW but need to wait until I get home. Both of these things combined make me so hungry and craving all the things.

Below you will find some of my cravings right now. Enjoy!

Friday Favorites-001

The Fudgelet has discovered how directions work…sort of. He enjoys looking at them and attempting to explain how everything should go together. And then he lets us do it. He is the Ideas Man, we get it.


Friday Favorites-002

  1. Breakfast in cake form. A pancake but still chocolatey and sweet. Yum!
  2. Another potential breakfast item that also works as a dessert…I think gingerbread can work in January, too. Sorry if you disagree, but then you can save it for Christmas in July or Christmas at…Christmas time, haha.
  3. This baked pasta looks easy and simple for a weeknight, especially for a day when we stay home and I can just pop it in the oven.
  4. You have no idea how much I want to make this AND eat it. I think you could try the swirl with any brownie recipe you love.
  5. This is something I want to make for my dad. I feel like he would love it as an alternative to cinnamon bread/coffee cake.

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