Friday Favorites 23

Pardon me while I take a little time off for the holiday weekend…as of now, I plan to have a post about our Maryland visit with Christmas pictures/etc… but otherwise I might save the rest of the posts for…dare I say it? 2017!

I haven’t had a Friday post in awhile, so here is a post to help inspire you before the big day, or maybe something you can look at after you’re done cleaning up from the parties. Or maybe you don’t care about Christmas at all…and then you can read this to celebrate food in general.

Friday Favorites-001

We might be done with all of our park visits for the foreseeable future, what with rain and cold days ahead, but this was just last month at a brand new park near a large lake.


Friday Favorites-002

  1. Let’s start with one of my favorite treats to make…baked donuts. I love how they are so easy, fast, and varied. This is a funfetti version which sounds fun even without the pink glaze.
  2. This is another simple treat. During busy times, I am all about simple food. I often have a random piece of puff pastry dough hanging around my freezer, and this would be another recipe to make good use of it…fast apple pastries!
  3. A simple savory dish…shredded chicken that could go on rolls, on rice, or maybe even with noodles.
  4. I guess I’m in an apple mood, because this cake also sounds delicious.
  5. Another recipe from the Playing with Flour blog, but this time a sweet chocolate cake with a salty kick.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Happiness to you and your family!


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