Tips-y Tuesdays: Coffee Cake Muffins

Just a short post to show a new option for a coffee cake recipe I’ve already shared. Basically, I made the recipe exactly as written, but wanted to let K have a little. How do you make a coffee cake to give away and keep some for yourself? Well, I stole a little of the batter and put it in a ramekin. Turns out, it makes a good giant muffin. I also saved a little topping and a little filling to complete it.


I already bake the coffee cake on a baking sheet in case of overflow, so I just squeezed the muffin on the same sheet. Baked it at the same temperature, and just checked it a bit early. It ended up baking for almost the same length of time since it is still quite thick.


The texture is a bit different from the cake recipe. It turned out a bit more fluffy than the cake, but we liked it. It was so big that we split it. So, next time you want to make a coffee cake recipe and have a sample to test, here is an easy option!



And I want to add that the cocoa powder inside is a very high quality brand which looks almost black when baked but isn’t burnt…it’s just a nice dose of (not too sweet) chocolate.


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