Making and Decorating Sugar Cookies

It’s the time of year when everyone starts making cookies. Even people who bake nothing else the rest of the year will sometimes get in on this. What I don’t understand is buying the dough pre-made, though. The absolute worst part is rolling out the dough. Making it is fairly simple and easy with a mixer. Cutting out shapes and baking them is fun and straightforward. Decorating is obviously the best part. But rolling? Ugh. I would gladly have a tool that eliminated that step for me. Anyone else agree? I know there are spritz cookies but my mom and I would make them and have the darndest time trying to get the cookies to push out of the tube. So, yeah, not a helpful tool. Unless we just had bad luck or a bad tool?


Anyway, the Fudgelet had made his next sleeping reward (for sleeping 4 naps and 4 nights through in a row) making cookies out of these cookie cutters K had received from a work gift exchange a long time ago. The Fudgelet had seen the case for them (a train) and wanted to play with it. I showed him what was inside and explained they were for making cookies. That was months ago…and then he brought it up as what he wanted to do for his activity. He got close and then missed a day, so we had to start his record over. But, I kept the materials on hand so that we could make the cookies whenever he met the goal. He started well and then the final two sleeps were going to be in the midst of (what the weather people predicted to be) a horrible storm. Wind, rain, power outages, etc. Well, it was windy, but not nearly what they predicted. He managed to sleep through it, and we still had power the next day to make the cookies!


I followed an America’s Test Kitchen recipe to make the cookies and glaze. The cookies were okay…we liked them a bit overcooked because they were almost too doughy tasting when cooked the way the recipe described. For the glaze, it was good, but dried way too quickly to properly decorate the cookies. I even put it on a double boiler to help loosen it up. I would probably not make either recipe again, but rather try some other ones I have filed away.


The Fudgelet had requested not just decorating the cookies, but making them, too. So, I made sure to let him be around for each step of making the dough, rolling it out, etc. He even picked out the sprinkles at the store.

dsc05800 dsc05802 dsc05805 dsc05806

After the dough is mixed, you press it into two discs. The Fudgelet helped me with this step, too. It’s kind of like using Play-Doh.


Then my least favorite part…

dsc05809 dsc05811

Followed by cutting!

dsc05812 dsc05813 dsc05815

After the initial cookie cutting, the Fudgelet wanted to use all of the cookie cutters I have, so we pulled out some more for variety.


Baking took a while because there were so many batches.

dsc05842 dsc05843

This was all done before his nap. Then, after his nap we decorated them during a FaceTime call with my in-laws. As you can see, he spent more time eating them than decorating–haha.

dsc05845 dsc05849 dsc05857 dsc05865

It was a lot of fun, outside of the rolling, and I’m glad it provided motivation to help him sleep! This was about 2 months ago (yeah yeah, my posts are written early a bunch) and he has been sleeping so much better since all of this started. It doesn’t mean he will always be perfect, but I figure I’ve earned some nights of him sleeping through.

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