Rainbow Meringue Cookies

My last post was a rainbow recipe as well, so hopefully you are enjoying a touch of sunshine during this darker time of year. I have made meringue cookies before. This time I followed a different recipe but I still prefer my normal one. The technique behind these is what I want to share today.


Just like the rainbow cheesecake, I had a couple reasons to make these cookies. First, it looked fun. Second, the Fudgelet enjoyed watching me make them. And finally, they were perfect to cheer up a friend who loves meringue cookies. I was very happy I made them!

Begin by making the meringue cookies the way you always would. You can feel free to make my recipe or a different one. Either way you can make your cookies fancy!


Mix your cookies the way your recipe dictates:

img_4810 img_4812 img_4815

After the batter is done, get a piping bag ready with a big tip that is either round or a star tip. Paint gel food coloring stripes inside the piping bag. I recommend a disposable bag.

img_4811 img_4814

Place the batter in the piping bag as gently as you can to not disturb the stripes.

Line a baking sheet (or two) with parchment paper. Pipe a little of the batter under the corners of each paper. It helps keep the sheets in place while you pipe out the cookies. Pipe a little of the batter out until the plain white batter is done and then you will have striped batter to make the cookies. Before you pipe the cookies, you can use some candy like M&Ms to go under the cookies. Spread them out and pipe the batter on top.

img_4813 img_4816 img_4817

Then cover the cookies with sprinkles, if desired, before baking them.


Bake the cookies as your recipe dictates.

img_4820 img_4821 img_4822

The cookies might crack a little, but they are still cute!



3 thoughts on “Rainbow Meringue Cookies

  1. So neat! I love the little surprises inside. That Fudgelet is a very lucky guy to have such a talented mom. And I’m going to keep these in mind for my little guy’s 7th birthday, because he hates cake, but loves meringues!

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