Mixed Bag Mondays (Part 11): Smitten Kitchen Peach and Chocolate

Are you shocked that I voluntarily made a peach dessert? I am. We hosted a summer get-together with K’s side of our friend family. I decided to make this peach dessert because it seemed both easy, simple in ingredients (what you always want for a fruit dessert so that the main ingredient shines through), and something that was better made ahead. It was also easy to serve for a crowd since I could make pieces smaller for people to eat as much or as little as desired.


I would definitely make the peach dish again. Other perks to the dish are that you don’t need to peel the peaches and if they aren’t sliced perfectly, it doesn’t matter because they will still look beautiful in the finished product.

img_4656 img_4657 img_4658 img_4659 img_4660 img_4661

You see, they get covered up with lovely streusel topping.


And then baked into something much lovelier.

img_4663 img_4665 img_4673 img_4674

They are lightly sweet, soft but with a touch of crunch, and full of peach flavor. I also liked that I could do parts of it in advance, like browning the butter.


If you wish to try the recipe, you can find it here. I didn’t change anything and thought it was delicious as-is.

I also made another recipe from the Smitten Kitchen blog. This time, I stuck to my comfort zone with a chocolate cake. It is very similar to this one I made previously. This is the recipe that makes this post a mixed-bag…it was okay, but I would rather make the other chocolate loaf cake instead.

img_4679 img_4680 img_4681

I felt it was actually a bit fussier and not any better in taste…actually it was a bit dry.


Sifting always makes such a mess for me. How about you?

img_4683 img_4684 img_4685 img_4688

I still enjoyed the cake, but it was a bit dense and a bit dry.


So, final verdict…make the peach, skip the chocolate.

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