Topic-Changing Thursdays: Fudgelet’s 3rd Halloween

This year, we once again decided to get dressed as a family for Halloween. We had a few ideas brainstormed from last year, but changed our minds after seeing the Fudgelet in his new jacket.


Any ideas from this?

We decided that he looked just like Pikachu with the jacket. Instead of getting a store-bought costume this year, we decided to go a more homemade route. Sort of. Obviously we are still using store-bought clothes since none of us can sew that well.


I figured it was easy since all I needed was yellow pants for him. Unfortunately, yellow (especially this yellow) didn’t seem to be an “in” color…and then it was showing up, but only in the wrong sizes or not in stores near us. I found a pair online that was supposed to be at Target. I first found the pants around 11 pm and in the morning around 8 am when I checked again…they were gone. That type of problem kept happening. Finally I found a pair, called right away and got them put on hold. They weren’t perfect and a bit more than I wanted to spend, but the Fudgelet looks good in yellow so I figure he can wear the pants outside of Halloween anyway.


After sorting out his outfit, my costume and K’s were much simpler. I decided to be the Pokemon ball…easy outfit with a red shirt, white skirt and black belt. K was supposed to be the trainer but he ended up not dressing up this year.


We thought about taking him Trick or Treating this year but once again I decided it isn’t worth it since I wouldn’t let him eat most of the candy, anyway. Instead, we did two parties…one at our house and one at a friend’s.


The Fudgelet picked out a sticker activity to do at the party, which we prepared for a bunch of kids, but unfortunately one family was sick and couldn’t come, so it was mostly the Fudgelet with two older girls helping him (not that he minded).


We had some themed treats, like Devil Eggs and a spider black bean/hummus dip I got from this Youtuber.


I also made a cake that I hope to share at some point on here…it was delicious! Chocolate ganache frosting with a blueberry cake inside.


I hope you had a nice Halloween, too!


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