Mixed Bag (Part 10): Cookies and Cups

For my birthday, I had asked for the book from blogger Cookies and Cups. I have liked reading through it, and have even made some of the recipes. I didn’t really alter the recipes much to feel it warranted a whole post for each…I also am still trying to figure out how I feel about the recipes. So far, they are a bit sweeter than I like (shocking!) so I will definitely cut out some sugar with future recipes right from the start. I also don’t use salted butter, and she uses it in most of the recipes. So, I’ve tried adding a bit more salt into the recipes while using unsalted butter. But, I have found them to maybe be a little too salty then. Anyway, still figuring it out. These bars and cookies were good, but probably not ones I would make again.


The bars were oat bars with chocolate and peanut butter in the middle. I normally love chocolate and peanut butter together, but wished it was less peanut buttery.

img_4404 img_4407 img_4409

They also were a little too soft and had to be refrigerated to stay firm…but then were too hard. I couldn’t figure it out.


Then there were the brown sugar cookies. They were really cute when I scooped them.

img_4410 img_4413 img_4415 img_4417

A bit underbaked, so I would definitely need to increase the baking time or make them smaller…not sure. But I think a different frosting on top would have been better. I made the frosting…

img_4419 img_4423 img_4424 img_4427

And it was way too sweet for me. Like, tooth-achingly sweet. Oh well. It’s still fun making new recipes, even if they don’t always turn out how I want them to.


This next recipe might be the end of this book for me. At least for awhile. 3 strikes in a row is not only frustrating but wasteful. This seemed good…cookies and cream cookies using Oreos and white chocolate. Once again, they were too sweet, especially with the white chocolate bits. And something was off with the texture. I think part of it was that they spread so much. I thought about chilling them before baking them, but wanted to follow her recipe. Darn.

img_4747 img_4748 img_4750 img_4752

I made them super high…and bam.


When I make cookies that I don’t really want to share with anyone because I am embarrassed, then that is a clear sign the recipe needs work.


And yes….I know it is Halloween. Expect some pictures or something in an upcoming post. Enjoy your candy, treats, and tricks!

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