Fudgelet Adventures (Part 2)

Would you like some more Fudgelet pictures? Well, I have a few of those, along with some pictures of his stuffed animal friends. Today I am sharing one of his latest obsessions….


The panda is an old friend…it was given at the (his? my?) baby shower. In fact, here is the panda helping me practice using the car seat while I was still pregnant…


For awhile, he had very little interest in stuffed animals. And not much interest in toys, period. And then he was actually more interested in a couple dog stuffed animals instead of the blue panda. I think part of it is size–it was bigger than him for awhile! And then one day I introduced it as a sleeping friend and boom! Instant strong bond. “Bear” had to do everything the Fudgelet did. They even shared snacks.


I went online to look for another one as backup…but unfortunately they don’t make that one anymore. So, I gave the Fudgelet the chance to pick his own. At first he was looking with me at the same brand, and then when I was looking them up on Amazon, he saw a stuffed Elmo. He was wavering between a really cute bunny and Elmo, then eventually chose Elmo. I was fine…Elmo was less than half the price, haha. Each day he asked me when he could hold Elmo, and then finally Elmo came about a week later.


And now Elmo had to be a part of everything. He insisted on pictures with Elmo. But also had to tell me how they should pose.


dsc05624-001 dsc05626-001

Then he switched to having me take pictures of just Elmo and Bear.


Then my Aunt V decided to up the ante and get him another stuffed animal. So now he has a “Baby Panda” (he always says baby ____ in a voice that makes it sound like he can’t handle the cuteness).


In pictures, they like to either sit on each other’s laps or lined up.


Of course, I haven’t helped matters because we went out and were going to get another book (not that we necessarily need more books, either…) but then he fell in love with a penguin I spotted. There was also a free stuffed giraffe that he named Gerald after a character in a book.



The stuffed animals have seemed to help him with sleep, though. He likes to snuggle them as he lays in bed, and sometimes when he is feeling tired he snuggles them on the sofa (always with a blanket).

20160819_222846335_ios 20160904_233927703_ios

So, I guess what I’m saying is…he has inherited my love of stuffed animals and I’m okay with it if it helps him sleep better, and makes him look extra cute. Check, and check!

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