Grilled S’Mores

Today is a short recipe. More of an instructional guide, if you will. And hopefully you haven’t packed away your grill just yet. Hopefully.

I’ve mentioned a few times in passing that we bought a grill this summer and I have been using it a bunch. Basically, I have been cooking all sorts of things with it to see how it works and learn what we like cooked on it. (So far, everything!) I’ve grilled lettuce, steak, burgers, hot dogs, chicken (breasts and thighs), bread, vegetables (mostly cauliflower and zucchini), potatoes, and now s’mores.


I have also mentioned in passing that while I enjoy s’mores, I do not enjoy camping outside to enjoy them by a campfire. Plus, fires outside aren’t really a great idea here (did you know the Pacific Northwest has drought-like weather in the summers?). So, I figured a grill would be a nice way of getting the flavor with minimal effort and not burning the entire area down.


I hope you are okay with having s’mores in October. To me, they are a Spring-Summer-Fall treat. Thoughts?


I also hope that you are okay with me using peanut butter cups. You don’t have to, but check out the peanut butter in the middle there. Mmmm.

Instead of toasting the marshmallows, I tried toasting the sandwiches. I like that the marshmallows remain soft, but I still get the smokey flavor.

The best way was as follows…

  1. Take your graham crackers and line them up on a piece of foil. You can lightly spray the foil first. Make sure the foil is big enough to carry the crackers like a sling.
  2. Place a smushed marshmallow on top of each cracker.
  3. Use the foil to carry the whole thing to the grill. Place over medium heat for just a few minutes. You will know they are ready when the marshmallows look a little melted and if you peek at the bottoms of the crackers, they are a bit charred.
  4. Remove from the grill and immediately place a square of chocolate (or a peanut butter cup) on top of half of the crackers.
  5. Take the other crackers/marshmallows and place on top of the chocolate, pressing down gently. Wait for about a minute for the chocolate to melt a bit, then eat!

IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4700 IMG_4702

So, add these to your grocery list:

  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows (big ones)
  • Chocolate (peanut butter cups, chocolate bars, etc.)


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