Friday Favorites 22

Welcome to the final days of September! The final days of summer are here, and I am sharing a few sweet treats to round out your summer. Or maybe you’ve already moved onto Autumn and are ready to have rich chocolate cake. I have that, too. Either way, enjoy your Friday!

Friday Favorites-001

Clearly I am writing these posts early since blueberries aren’t exactly in season around here in September, buuuuut you needed to see his first time at a U-Pick place. I’m hoping next year to take him to an apple u-pick place. They’re a little further of a drive and he can’t do raw apples yet. He was all about the fresh blueberries, though! From farm to table…er, make that farm to mouth? He didn’t even need directions, just ran right up to each bush and started grabbing. A few ended up in the bucket…but not many from him, haha. He also picked the flowers you see in the bucket below.


Friday Favorites-002

  1. I am intrigued at the idea of soft serve ice cream at home. I liked the original version of this recipe, but am more excited about the Nutella version and potentially other flavors.
  2. Because I am writing this ahead of time, there is a very good chance I will have already made this basic chocolate cake by the time this post appears.
  3. This dessert looks so pretty, and requires a decent amount of chopping, but otherwise is straightforward. I feel like you could make it anytime of year and just swap in different fruit.
  4. The Fudgelet loves popsicles at anytime of year, and I try to mostly give him homemade ones so that I can control the ingredients for healthier treats. (Not that he doesn’t get to indulge sometimes, too.) These PB and J ones sound like a treat, but are also easy to make!
  5. And finally, here is a savory recipe. I love sesame chicken stuff, and this recipe puts it in potsticker form–yummy!

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