Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet, Part 5

Dear Fudgelet,

You are getting so strong, thoughtful, and clever.


I’m sorry I haven’t written to you for awhile. I really thought it had been sooner, but time keeps flying. You are into the “let’s not use months anymore” for your age category (even though I do still think of it in my head). You started using two words together quite awhile ago, and then more and more until you are definitely using sentences. Not all of the time, and I have to remind your dad to use sentences around you too (it’s easy to slip into Fudgelet phrases) in order to encourage you to do the same. Sometimes you are quite demanding “Mommy sit here” and other times sweet “Elmo and Bear need to sleep all night long” (wonder where you heard that one, haha!).


Speaking of, since we always seem to talk about sleep with you, let’s talk about sleep! Everyone always tells me that “one day you will wake up and realize that you didn’t have to leave your bed all night and it will be amazing.” But, I’ve always had the idea that you would gradually get better with sleep, where it wouldn’t be such a surprise that you slept all night, but more of a process. And, so it has been. After your checkup with the doctor (who you now know to call Dr. Dave), we had asked about what to do and he said that since you understand us so well now, and are able to communicate so well, that we could tell you what we wanted, but to give lots of warning. So, that’s what we’ve done. We started telling you that soon you would not be allowed to nurse at night and that we wanted you to sleep all night instead, no Mommy needed. Around this time, we also introduced blankets and stuffed animals for sleeping. You seem to like snuggling them as you fall asleep. Each day we reminded you of the plan and then I started gently reminding you when you would wake up to lay back down and go to sleep. Sometimes, you would! Eventually, you started sleeping longer stretches.


As of writing this, you still haven’t slept alllll night without me, but it is so much better overall. The best part is not the sleep, but that you are becoming more independent while knowing we love you. I worried about fighting you on it, but instead you have been cooperative and helpful. We couldn’t have done it this way earlier (our communication skills weren’t as good) but I am happy we are able to do it now.


Right now, as I am adding to this letter, you are walking around your crib with Elmo and Bear talking, singing the ABCs, and so on…you are supposed to be napping but for whatever reason, you haven’t. You’re even talking about your bed, saying “going to bed” and “go to sleep” repeatedly. Siiiiigh.


Your memory is good and keeps getting better. You will comment on events that happened weeks ago, although sometimes you have trouble remembering what we did a few hours before. (It’s ok, I do, too.) I hope you always remember that we love you, and that you love us.






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