Tips-y Tuesdays: Partially Homemade Pudding Pops

So, here I am in the throes of summer and I went to write about these popsicles I made…and realized my next posts would be in October! Not that you can’t enjoy popsicles year round, but I figured it might be a bit better if I changed the ordering of some posts and squeezed these in during the end of summer. There are actually two other popsicles I made as well this summer, both fruity, which might get a chance to shine soon…or I will just have to make them and blog them next summer!


I came across this idea from Real Food By Dad. He has a ton of versions of them, and so I went to the store and picking up some pudding mix to try these. He insisted that you have to use the instant varieties. I don’t know why. Any thoughts? I accidentally bought a cook and serve package, so I might try it and see what the difference is.


I only have my small popsicle mold, as well as some other silicone molds I use to make different treats, and some silicone popsicle tubes. So, I did half of the chocolate pudding package I bought since I bought the large one. And then I did a whole cheesecake pudding package. I also used some Oreo pieces and caramel sauce from this cake (this sauce keeps on giving!).


You can use whatever flavors and mix-ins you like, which is why I really liked this idea and wanted to share my version. Now, I had never made instant pudding before. Have you? It was so amazing to me! I must admit that the flavor and texture is kind of “meh” compared to regular pudding, even the box kind. But, in the popsicles it tastes just fine. They are a bit high in sodium, so keeping the portions smaller made me feel a bit better about that.

When you make these, you basically layer your puddings with the mix-ins in whatever order you want. There is no strict recipe other than wanting to have enough pudding to balance out the other ingredients.

IMG_4613 IMG_4614 IMG_4616

They came together easily, and then I just had to freeze the pops until they were frozen (a few hours).


The Fudgelet and I like to share them, especially outside.




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