Tips-y Tuesdays: Breakfast Skillet Ideas

This wasn’t the perfect breakfast skillet, but I can let you know what YOU should do to make a better skillet dish, so I am sharing it with you today. Happy Tuesday! Unless you’re reading this on some other day. And then…Happy Day That Isn’t Tuesday!


Let’s start with the beginning because that is what it means to start, after all. Can you tell I am writing this while sick and tired? Not in a “I’m sick and tired of this!” angry kind of way. Literally, I am sick, and I am tired. They are happening concurrently. I blame my cute petri dish, also known as the Fudgelet.


So, begin by boiling some potatoes you have chopped up. I went ahead and chopped mine into bite-sized pieces, but left the skin on. If you are new to this, you want to salt the water and start with the potatoes in cold water that is about an inch higher than the potatoes in the pot. Bring to a boil and then boil until they are fork-tender (about 15-20 minutes). (Quick side note: you can make the potatoes ahead of time…even have them for a different meal and then save some for this.)


Drain the potatoes.

Meanwhile, you can saute some other ingredients, such as mushrooms or bacon. Or both. Go crazy. You can also do bell peppers.

When the potatoes are done, you want to brown them in the pan, potentially in batches if you have a lot or if your pan is small. That’s where the original recipe and I disagree…I tried it their way and nope, not having it. I’m reverting back to my tried and true method of browning the potatoes in some butter. Or bacon fat, if you have that. Why not. You want to season them, along with all of your ingredients. I like each addition to have a little seasoning…seasoning can include (but is not limited to) salt, pepper, all-purpose seasoning, thyme, paprika, rosemary…have fun.


After the potatoes are browned, feel free to stir everything all in. Again, batches might be necessary to warm everything through.

IMG_3891 IMG_3892

Stir in some shredded cheese, if you like, along with chopped herbs like parsley, cilantro, or green onion.

IMG_3893 IMG_3896

Go ahead and add some peas if you have a Fudgelet who looooooves them.

Serve alongside eggs like a true breakfast champ. Ta-da!



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