Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 2 Years Old!

Oh, Fudgelet. You have come so far in a year. Last year, you weren’t talking, just babbling. This year, I can ask you questions and get several word answers. In 15 years from now, you might use fewer words to answer me than you do now (haha). Last year, I had a big party planned. This year…well, it is a month out from when I am starting this post and I have to say that there is no party planned. We might do a summer party and celebrate yours and K’s birthdays, we might have a fancy playdate with our friends…but I’m not sure. I keep waiting for a day when I can sit down and plan that out. Right now, I haven’t even had time to get some chores done. You know, because you have decided to give me 2 no-nap-days this week. Yeesh. You’re sick, so that explains one of them. The other one? I don’t know. We were both so tired that day.


Thankfully, you are super cute. That part hasn’t changed. In fact, I think you might be even cuter now.

Quick party interlude…yes, there was a party, and yes I made you some fancy cake…

DSC05173 DSC05228 DSC05249 DSC05264 DSC05316 DSC05444 IMG_4505

Anyway, let’s do a quick rundown of the new stuff from this year…

  • You feed yourself with utensils…a bit. We’re working on it, but you do like to try it and do it.
  • Speaking of, you are more independent and wanting to help with everything. You like to help me cook, pick out your clothes, put laundry away, etc.

DSC04859 DSC04706 IMG_4353

  • You’ve grown over 3 inches this year, gained about 5 pounds, and your head has gotten a smidge bigger, but thankfully is only a couple sizes bigger than your clothes now.


  • So.Many.Words.
  • You’ve been busy learning colors, numbers, and letters. You also love singing songs now that you’re able to learn the words to them. It’s really cute to be serenaded by you.

20160607_174745214_iOS 20160626_020532622_iOS

  • You started the year by walking a bit, and now are running, spinning, and dancing. You like saying “yeah, man” for dancing, just like the artist Usher does in his songs.

20160610_233644958_iOS 20160622_232214080_iOS

  • You understand emotions like “happy”, “sad”, and “tired”. You will often say “Made Mommy sad” when you do something that you know I don’t like.


  • You love going outside to play, but also enjoy shopping with me at the different stores. You even know your favorite places and run right for them when we enter stores.

20160616_002833643_iOS 20160531_000713023_iOS

  • You have had multiple haircuts, including your first 2 professional ones. I still love your curls when your hair is long, though.


  • You like being snuggly with your parents, but also your friends. I sometimes have to tell you to stop hugging your friends so that they can play.

20160602_001045653_iOS 20160517_220615354_iOS

  • You have so many toys you play with these days. I like that many of them are small, which made packing for our trip to Maryland much easier. You are also more easily entertained…although you are also more emotional and can get sad easily when you are hungry or tired.

20160617_225238054_iOS 20160621_184708282_iOS 20160610_224708027_iOS

6 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 2 Years Old!

  1. Year 2 is so much fun, as you’ve learned. So many changes and accomplishments! He is still the cutest little guy! Get ready to enjoy all the fun things that Year 3 will bring.

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