Fudgelet Adventures (Part 1)

I have decided to start a new series on here. I have a Fudgelet Food series and I obviously have been sharing regular updates about him, but now I’m “slowing my roll” on those. As I’ve mentioned before, his food tastes have turned more into ours so he doesn’t really get much special food anymore. And as for the months, he is about to be two years old, so I might not have a regular updating series for him. Still figuring that out a bit. But, I figure I still need a place to share Fudgelet stories, whether it is food or just kid-related. So, Fudgelet Adventures are starting….now!


Because this is (first) a food blog, let’s start with food. One meal I’ve been making us for lunch has been quesadillas. If you want to call them that. All I do is take a (corn) tortilla–I use corn simply because I found a ultra-low sodium one, and they get nice and crispy in the pan–and layer some cooked and mashed sweet potatoes with cooked black beans (canned ones that I rinse and microwave) and shredded cheese. Sometimes I grate the cheese myself, but I also try to have some handy for a quicker lunch. Just cheese works, too, but adding some other ingredients helps fill us up more. I also add some seasoning depending on my mood…salt, pepper, cinnamon, chili powder…


I cook it in a nonstick pan without any oil until it is crispy. Try to have the beans either touch the cheese or put some sweet potato between the beans and the tortilla to help keep them from falling out later.



Other recent adventures included making sensory bottles, following many examples on Pinterest and the like.


Mine aren’t perfect, but I did learn some of what worked and what didn’t work. I preferred the Cascade Ice bottles (cheap, light for him to hold, a good shape/size, and the label comes off easily).


This one started with Elmer’s glitter glue, warm/hot water and some more glitter. Next time I would have left it like this or maybe added some bigger glitter flakes instead of the small stuff at the top.


It looked pretty cool like this…


but I tempted fate and added too much food coloring. One tiny drop would have been plenty. Oops.


It does eventually settle down…mine takes longer than many bottles.


I also made one with the alphabet.


I tried glue but wasn’t a fan, so switched to almost all corn syrup with some water to help speed it up a bit.

20160426_190640103_iOS 20160426_191522721_iOS 20160426_192147249_iOS

This is when it still had glue and I was doing lots of shaking.

DSC04656 DSC04658

He is a fan of shaking them, but so am I. So pretty!


What should I do for our next bottle? Another glitter one (done better?), or something else? I need lower case letters too, I feel. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, once they are ready, I recommend sealing the lid with glue. Less risk. And the bottles are plastic for safety, too.

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