Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 22 Months Old!

This is the last post where I use months to refer to the Fudgelet. Can you believe it? The next post he will be 24 months old, or better known as 2 years old! At that point, I stop using months. I know some people still do them, but let’s be honest…asking people to understand “22 months” is enough math for most. Especially for fellow moms that are tired from 22 month olds running around and not sleeping well, haha!


Isn’t he getting so big? His shirt is accurate…he loves hanging with his friends. There are a few main kids he sees regularly and if he doesn’t see them (or even when he does) he is still reciting their names over and over. If either of us gets sick it’s so sad because then we are both stuck home away from our friends.


I want to start bragging about him, buuuut first, let me remind you that he has never slept through the night or done well with naps. This has continued and will continue until he is at college. I kid. I think. In fact, as I write this, he decided to nap for 20 minutes and call it good. I let him nurse but he was wide awake, so he is in his crib for a bit more of “nap time”… aka pulling down the blankets on the tops of his crib and playing with them while he waits. Sigh. Anyway, he is at least a bit more awesome in his other tricks besides non-sleeping.

Since we last spoke about the Fudgelet, he has grown in brain power. There are still new words regularly but also advances in other areas. Now he can tell parts of stories or ideas by stringing words together. Not full sentences, but he is getting there. He can identify colors of things (red, blue, green, yellow, teal, gray, pink, black, and white) and loves to do it constantly. He sometimes says yellow when he means blue. We’re not sure if he does it instead of thinking about what color it is, or if he is teasing us. He can also recognize and name half of the alphabet and a few numbers.

An unorthodox way of teaching the alphabet, maybe? Haha. He loves it when he recognizes letters, though.

An unorthodox way of teaching the alphabet, maybe? Haha. He loves it when he recognizes letters, though.

We’ve been taking him out to lunch a lot more. On the weekends, we sometimes go after K and I do our workouts. K doesn’t eat until after he runs, so it’s breakfast for him and lunch for the Fudgelet and me. He has even more teeth now (which honestly is part of the sleep problem…his canines have been torture for everyone) and is a bit better at chomping on different foods. On our outings he has had Mexican, pizza, brunch, BBQ, and burgers. He is pretty good about trying new foods and there isn’t much he outright refuses. I’ve been working on avocado a bit and at least he doesn’t spit it out anymore. He’s still unsure if he likes it.


The Fudgelet and I have had much laidback outings recently. We still go shopping often, but with nicer weather, we’ve been taking his new car for a spin. He directs me (usually to the park). Sometimes he stays to play, and other times we go home to play with chalk and bubbles (his new favorite activities). He also has enjoyed playing with water, so I can’t wait until the splash pads open up here.

20160512_224447677_iOS 20160507_234444640_iOS-001 20160505_230944366_iOS

If we go for a longer walk, I take the stroller, but we recently bought him a car. It would have been a nice birthday present, but we wanted to take full advantage of warm weather to use it. His birthday is when half of the good weather is already done.


It was a pain to assemble, and the first day or so it stayed inside because it wasn’t nice out yet. He loved pushing it around the house and playing around it. We kept hearing “blue” “car” “new car” “beep beep” etc etc. Once he realized it was now his car to go places, he requests it for trips to the park and to see our friends.


We bring a snack, drink, and a bluetooth speaker to ride in style.


Speaking of style, we also bought him sunglasses and he surprisingly wears them. Not all of the time, but most of the time if I wear them, he will. He will also ask for them occasionally.


At the store, he loves brightly colored clothes and accessories. He pulled these glasses off the shelf and put them on while we were checking out.


He also loves hats. Again, not all of the time, but if it is a hat that he gets to pick out, then he likes it even more.


We went to a safety fair and he got to walk around a bunch of trucks. He wouldn’t get on them (a bit of a scaredy cat) but he finally got on a tractor. Trucks are a favorite right now, and he loves garbage day for that reason.


He loves his animal toys, so we thought he would like a visit to the zoo.


It turns out he was scared of the animals in person. Even the statues.


I have taken him to a local farm several times and he loves that.


Occasionally we get animal visitors in our backyard. Deer are exciting, as are rabbits.


We still visit parks several times a week, as well as a community center playtime.

20160417_230117016_iOS 20160511_232213222_iOS

He likes climbing onto new things and testing his limits.


At home, he is still a bookworm and is good about reciting parts of the stories.


Routine is still something he loves. In the morning he has to brush his teeth when we do.


When you give him multiple items that are similar, he will find a way to line them up.


With the weather warming up, we have been trying new treats, including eating outside.


It’s really hard to believe this second year is almost done. He is turning into a little boy (different from a baby boy) and seems to age overnight. I love that he is able to express himself so much more easily now. He will still snuggle, but now I get to hear “I love you” with those hugs and kisses.


Or he will say “uppa uppa” for us to pick him up.


Stay tuned for his 2 year post!


2 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 22 Months Old!

  1. Loved seeing the photos and finding out what the little munchkin has been up to. I don’t have good wifi at the beach condo so had to get to the library to use computers here. Hugs all around and so hope to get to meet your little guy some day!

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