Friday Favorites 19

Welcome, April! I know, it’s already a week in, but Spring deserves extra welcomes. We’ve been keeping busy running around as much as possible since there is always so much to do in so little time, and the Fudgelet loves running errands so that he can scout out new places. One of his favorites? Asian grocery stores for the fish tanks. He loves seeing the crabs, tilapia, and other critters swimming around.

Friday Favorites-001

Just when I thought the Fudgelet was maybe losing interest in reading, he picked it back up with a furious passion. I started pulling out some books to read with him on days when we hadn’t read any yet (we always read at night), and now he wants books 24/7. I actually have to tell him “only one more” so that we can go play, haha. It’s hard to say no since I love books so much, too.


Friday Favorites-002

  1. This one is something I would eat, but more meant for the Fudgelet. He is still not a big carb eater, so this might be a way of getting him to eat some since he loves broccoli and loves cheese?
  2. It’s not Halloween, but I always have random candy laying around for munching. And now the Fudgelet has discovered the candy jar’s location. Oops.
  3. I want to make this spaghetti pie because it is both easy and sounds delicious. I think both boys would be fans.
  4. This is another easy and delicious-sounding meal. It would also give me another skillet rice dish to try since I had luck with my last one.
  5. There isn’t a specific holiday this month to celebrate, but lots of birthdays among my family and friends. Someone needs these sprinkle bowls because sprinkles = birthdays/celebrations/parties, duh.

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