Tips-y Tuesdays: Homemade Ravioli

I’ve blogged about homemade ravioli before, both successes and failures. I finally have discovered a few tools and tips that have helped make it fun…and create good ravioli!



First I got a ravioli pin, which allows you to spread out some filling between two sheets of pasta dough, and then just roll this over. This separates the filling into ravioli, and then you can go back and cut them. There are many ravioli pins out there, but this is the one I got, if you’re interested.

IMG_3640 IMG_3652

Next, for cutting them, I first used a pizza cutter, which works…except it doesn’t seal them. Then I discovered this cutter which not only cuts the ravioli apart, but pinches the seams at the same time. Some tips for using it:

  1. Flour the pasta a bit more to help keep it from sticking.
  2. If the cutter doesn’t cut cleanly initially, go over it again. If it cuts apart the dough, you know it sealed the edges properly. I sometimes did the edges again just to be sure.
  3. It comes apart for easy cleaning, and you will definitely need to because dough gets everywhere!
  4. And, finally, when I got it, it was less than $10. So, I would recommend waiting or looking for a similar one since $20 is a bit expensive.

This time I went simple with Parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese (some was homemade), and spinach (I steamed some baby spinach and then squeezed it and drained it as dry as I could).



I ended up having extra filling and used it to make lasagna. So, don’t worry about making too much.


I found it easier to roll out one large sheet of dough and then cut it in half. Initially I just rolled out two pieces and tried to make them the same. Also, I rolled by hand instead of my pasta machine so that I could make the sheets wider.


You don’t want the filling to be thick.


After using the rolling pin, and now after the crimper/cutter.


See how some are still stuck together? Adding more flour and rolling them again with the cutter separated them and made sure they were sealed.

IMG_3650 IMG_3639

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