Cinnamon Rolls

I have made cinnamon rolls multiple times. They were actually on my dad’s dessert rotation a couple times. It’s harder with me not living near him to make them since you want them fresh. And, with a baby around, it’s kind of hard to make them in Maryland on a visit since they require a lot of time, even if the time is just for rising.

Well, here is a recipe that made me excited to try them again, and they really are faster than the usual batch…but I thought just as delicious. Maybe more so since they were a bit easier? I made them twice within a week since it uses half a block of cream cheese, and I wanted to use the whole block. What else do you make with cream cheese? I have a few meals and desserts, but most require a whole block.

By the way…I totally glazed these without letting them cool properly the first time since I was so excited about eating them. That’s why they look a bit…messy…they looked better once they cooled, and better the second time. But I forgot to take pictures that time. Because…you know, cinnamon rolls were fresh and ready to be eaten.


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Baked Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Why did I pick this to celebrate 4 years of blogging? Well, at this stage of the game, pleasing all palates and moods at the same time is a huge win in this house. The weekend prior to making this recipe, I had a horrible stomach bug (from the Fudgelet) who was doing well, but this meant I wasn’t interested in eating or cooking. Luckily K took the reigns for the worst of it, and I still managed to make an okay meal the next night. But, it wasn’t a huge hit. So, the next weekend I made a soup (I will share soon) and this dish, which was a huuuuuge hit.


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Friday Favorites 17

We are coming up on an anniversary for the blog…year 4! 4 years of sharing recipes and rambles. I’ve been trying to plan something for it, but I really don’t know what to do. Maybe I will just throw some sprinkles in the air like confetti. I am proud that I’ve been able to continue even after having a kid. I wasn’t sure how posting would go, and I don’t post as frequently as I used to, but I am glad I still find time to cook new recipes and share them with you.

Goals for the coming year?

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King Arthur Flour’s Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the pursuit of making the most chocolate chip cookies ever…here is another one. Haha! I thought this recipe sounded super weird. Whole wheat flour, cider vinegar, honey….people had to comment on this, for sure. So, I went onto King Arthur Flour’s website and checked out the comments section of the recipe. Hard to believe, but people really liked them! I liked that they were fairly straightforward, and I wanted to make something for a friend’s birthday. Part of her list of ideas included “chocolate chip cookies” (check), “something you’ve been wanting to try” (check), and “chocolate with peanut butter” (not part of the original recipe, but something I could do, so check!).


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