Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 20 Months Old!

There were some cool changes between 16 and 18 months, but I think the Fudgelet has been really progressing the last two months. He is starting to become more of his own person. I like to look at him and try to figure out what he will look like when he is older. His facial expressions and emotions are quite varied, and definitely make you think he is in the teenager stage of toddlerhood. Or at least the pre-teen stage. Not only is he more aware of everything around him, he remembers things fairly well (like which room has the fun Legos), and is able to express himself so much more.


And with expressing himself, I mean using words. Lots and lots of words. When I wrote the 18 month post, I had written it a bit early. When we returned from our visit to Maryland, his vocabulary really shot up. He went from just a handful of words to two dozen over the course of a couple weeks. When the doctor asked us how his vocab was, we didn’t know it was really high. I had started keeping track once it was closer to a dozen, and K and I kept the list on our phones (it syncs between them so we could both add to it). We knew the doctor would ask the number, and we wanted to know. Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised, especially since he hadn’t really had any words at 1 year. In the last two months, he has now gone from two dozen words to over 100. And THEN it gets even better. He has started with phrases! We weren’t sure when to start counting them. I mean, do you count “uh oh”? Probably not, but what about “dump it”? He was clearly repeating what we were saying, so does it only count once they think of their own two words to string together? Well, while we were puzzling this, he started saying things like “I dumped it” and “Hi Mommy”, which we say, but he used them properly and regularly. Very cool. A new favorite of his? Finding bits of fuzz or anything on the ground, and saying “trash, ew!”. Our new favorite phrase of his is “I love you” for obvious reasons.


Besides all of the words, he has gotten good at picking up on patterns. When he sees us getting ready to head out, he reminds us of different things to take with us, like my purse/diaper bag, as well as shoes, jackets, etc. When we return, he expects us to remove our jackets (including his), wash our hands, put any bags away, etc etc. He gets quite insistent on routine, which is cute.

We’ve been going on more walks, and I don’t mean just me and K. The Fudgelet and I can go for a stroll around the block now, or even to a park. He likes to talk about the things he sees, and he will also say “walk walk walk” in a sing-song voice.

20160225_231306068_iOS 20160225_232425303_iOS 20160224_233820118_iOS

I’m trying to teach him to be more brave at parks, unlike his mother. Now he will do slides–even the big ones!

20160303_223358050_iOS 20160305_232922461_iOS

He enjoys being my meal-date. Whether we are home, or if I take him out. It’s nice to have someone to hang out with for random “I want to have pizza today” moments.

DSC04240 20160226_235513000_iOS

As for toys and that sort of fun stuff, he is still into music, although less with the musical toys. More into having us turn on music so that he can dance. He also still loves his books. The newest excitement has been puzzles, and more building blocks.

DSC04095 DSC04157 DSC04242 20160227_223515916_iOS

He also requests to play with our homemade play-doh.


Our ball pit now gets dumped down the stairs (on purpose by us) so that he can giggle and scream at it, and then run through the balls.


He also finally likes the walking toys, like this caterpillar.


I look forward to what the next two months bring…I’m sure lots of excitement, but I’m also hoping for more sleep!

4 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 20 Months Old!

  1. Glad to hear he’s progressing well. Don’t be overly concerned with all the ‘stuff’ like how many phrases. This is a first-time parent thing. Lol. Just enjoy watching him grow and enjoying all of it! Love seeing all the pictures!

    • Oh, just realized how that looked. I meant we weren’t sure if he was using phrases, or just repeating sounds that he hears. Is he using phrases when he repeats our phrases, or when he makes his own? That kind of thing 🙂 He is definitely doing them, regardless of when it started. DEFinitely not counting the number of phrases, lol.

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