Friday Favorites 18

I recently got a new phone. And it’s not just any new phone. I actually switched operating systems with this phone switch, which is a big deal. If I had my wish, my old phone would join forces with my new phone and have all of the parts I like in both. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening. In the meantime, I am trying to enjoy some of the perks that come from the new phone, including a much better camera (great for when I want to take a picture of something I’ve made and want to be able to share it on social media, but also on the blog later), and the ability to do some spring cleaning.

Whenever I move, I always go through a period of clearing out a bunch of stuff. Whether it’s old clothes, papers I don’t need anymore, or other random items that I have kept for way too long, I find that a move helps motivate me to pare down. With this phone move, I have finally started deleting some old emails that I don’t need. My old phone didn’t let me do this easily. Yes, I could do it on my laptop, but do I want to spend my limited laptop time deleting old emails that aren’t really hurting anything? Nope! But, if I’m nursing, waiting around, etc., I can take a few minutes to delete some emails easily on my phone.

As I’ve been sorting through the emails, I have found my emails of links I want to save for myself, and share here. It’s crazy, but the list of links has gotten way too long. I clearly need more Friday Favorites posts! I’m going to try to do more of them going forward.

So, here we are…

Friday Favorites-001

The Fudgelet has been really into building with his blocks, but also loves playing with his Daddy’s set of blocks (K is a big Lego fan). His favorites are “IrwonMan” (as he says it) and some other Avenger sets that K has. When he doesn’t have those, though, he will build towers with me and his own stash of blocks.


Friday Favorites-002

  1. Let’s start with something sweet. These bars have candy and combine brownies and cookie dough into one sweet treat. At the same time, I could finish the sweetened condensed milk can with this recipe for fudgy chocolate chip bars.
  2. I like that this recipe is fried, but it doesn’t seem like the really messy type of frying that includes a whole vat of oil. And, we are a fan of Mexican/Tex-Mex food.
  3. I have a recipe for no-bake granola bars I enjoy, but they aren’t the easiest to eat. I am thinking that this similar recipe that requires baking (and a technique for getting the bars to hold together better) would be fun to try.
  4. Sweetapolita has some gorgeous cakes. This one is more simple compared to what she normally has, but still impressive. It also sounds delicious!
  5. I actually made these cookies but never got around to blogging them. They were delicious!


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