Mixed Bag (Part 4): Pasta Edition

Today’s mixed bag post is a way of showing you two new recipes without going through all of the steps of the recipes. The first is a version of mac and cheese that uses evaporated milk.


I got it from my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook. It was pretty simple, but it was way too much sauce for the amount of pasta called for in the recipe (8 ounces). Next time I would make the sauce but double the pasta.


My favorite part was topping it with some fresh bread toasted in a bit of butter. Yum!


I actually took the remaining pound of pasta and made a butternut squash sauce with it. That turned out pretty well. K was okay with it, but kept getting confused that it tasted sweet.

Another recipe was fully mine. Ravioli stuffed with ground beef, ricotta, Parmesan, and onion. I cooked the filling first. I’m still working on getting my ravioli to stay together. For Christmas, I received a ravioli cutter that is supposed to help seal them, so I hope to try it soon.


Some of my ravioli broke apart, so I just let them be and figured it would turn the sauce into a meat sauce.


I had extra filling, so I threw it in with some plain tomato sauce and pasta. Still delicious!







IMG_2768 IMG_2767 IMG_2770

2 thoughts on “Mixed Bag (Part 4): Pasta Edition

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