Friday Favorites 16

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some favorites. I thought I had done one recently, but it’s been two months! What with the holidays and trying to get certain recipes to post in a timely fashion (which doesn’t always happen…I’m looking at you, rugelach!), here we are with a delayed one.

Friday Favorites-001

Maybe I should just go back in time and label this as a Christmas post. It has lots of recipes perfect for that time, and here we have the Fudgelet with a Christmas tree in the background. Sorry. (But not really.) In this picture, you get a peek at a bunch of the Fudgelet’s new stuff all at once…first, his haircut, although that was in November and is much longer than it should be again, now. Next, his teeth. You can see a molar poking through–one of many teeth poking through. Poor kid. And then, his other big trick has been playing chase/hide and seek with us. Basically, advanced peekaboo. Sometimes I tickle him when I catch him, which has led him to start tickling his own belly and saying “tickle”, haha.



Friday Favorites-002

  1. Brownie cookie hybrid? Yum! To top it off, the recipe is fairly simple and fast for when you want the brownie flavor in an easy to grab bite.
  2. This is a little delayed (note, again, the rugelach being late) but with the colors for this yule log, I think you could make it in spring or summer, too.
  3. I came across this recipe from one of my favorite chocolate companies located right here in Seattle. Peppermint meringue and chocolate cake!
  4. Have you ever made the saltine toffee recipes that are out there? I made one some years ago and need to make it again sometime. It was really good, and doesn’t require much effort. This one adds coffee for some extra flavor.
  5. This looks like a recipe I want to make for a party but really eat all of the sandwiches myself. I’m not sure about the ham. I know it’s traditional, but I just really don’t like ham. Suggestions for a replacement? Do I just leave it out? Hmm.

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