Mixed Bag (Part 3): Popcorn, Potatoes, and Pstuffing

Yeah, not really Pstuffing, but when you have popcorn and potatoes already in the title, it seems better that way. These dishes were all….okay. I liked them, but not sure if I loved them. Let’s start with the Pstuffing…okay, stuffing.


The stuffing was a modified version of the Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Her recipe made a whole bunch of stuffing, and we had a small group for Thanksgiving (when I made this), so I halved it. I also left out the cornbread since K and I aren’t huge fans. Well, the chewy bread seemed a bit too chewy for me, and the softer bread was soggy, even after stale-ing them/toasting them in the oven. K liked the chewy bread texture, but it wasn’t my favorite. I liked the flavor of the stuffing, and it was simple to make. The bread choices are where I had difficulty. And maybe I should have used less liquid? She wasn’t super clear in the recipe for how much to use.



Maybe I would make this again but use much less liquid and broil it a bit?

For the next dish I am sharing today, I liked it a bit more. It’s a twice-baked potato recipe. I changed it slightly, but my main reason for not loving it more is I wasn’t a big fan of spinach in the filling. It seemed, again, to make the dish a bit soggy. Broccoli would have been better. Or less spinach.


There is bacon, cheese, green onion, spinach, and mushrooms in this. I also liked that you top it with more green onion and bacon, and a cooked egg.


Doesn’t that look yummy? It was basically a breakfast version of a twice-baked potato.

And now for our dessert…popcorn!


Start with some lightly salted popcorn…


Toss with some toasted almonds, then drizzle melted chocolate (I used candy coating) and caramel on top…


Yummy, yes? I even added some candy…peppermint M&Ms and chocolate chips.


My issue was the caramel…I think. I think the caramel made the popcorn a bit chewy, taking away some of the crunch. Not bad, but it sticks in your teeth a bit more, and I like my popcorn crunchy.

These are all recipes I would make again, but modify a bit. Is there one that intrigues you? One that you would maybe try? Suggestions you have?

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