Chocolate-filled Rugelach

Ok, ok, I am a month late with this. This is a dessert meant for the holiday season, particularly Hanukah. Buuuut, I made them last minute and didn’t have time to get this up promptly during Hanukah, so instead I am sharing this now. It’s not like you can’t enjoy this easy dessert at other times during the year. I really liked that I only needed the mixer briefly at the beginning (perfect for during breakfast with the Fudgelet) and then the dough could chill during playtime. Then, during his nap, I was able to roll them out and bake them without him getting woken up. Only three ingredients for the dough and two for the filling. Easy peasy.


You have no reason for not making these. Even if you don’t like chocolate, you can substitute something else…cinnamon sugar, fruit, nuts…get creative. And for the shaved chocolate? Just use a bar of chocolate with a vegetable peeler and it takes a few minutes, but it is easy and makes a nice smooth filling.



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