Mixed Bag Monday (Part 2): Pie Crust and Scones

After starting a Montage Monday series, I realized I wanted to rename it. It happens. So, introducing the new name… Mixed Bag. I feel like it better illustrates the good and bad I will share with these posts, and also lets you know that they are not single recipe posts. I previously used a Mixed Monday as a way of sharing some recipes that were so-so, and some that were not great. And, overall, just posts I didn’t feel like writing about. When I wrote the last one, I was not sure I would have need to write another one, but I left my options open with the “Part 1” in the title. Sure enough, I do want to make use of it again. This time, for recipes I *do* like. There is another commonality in the posts today. The recipes were both from my dad and stepmother visiting. You might have seen me mention the visit when I talked about cinnamon chips I made. I ended up using the cinnamon chips in a scone recipe that I already have on the blog. I don’t want to share a repeat post, so I am merely showing another option for that recipe.


Basically, I did the same recipe as the cranberry scones, but I used about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of cinnamon chips and raisins. You can add as many as you like. The other change was not to have the extra sugar on top. My dad didn’t want them too sweet, and the chips and raisins are already sugary.


A tip for this recipe? Keep the flour handy as you stir the batter together in the bowl. I found I needed to add a bit more flour because the dough was way too sticky to work with. It might have been extra humid while I was cooking, or just something else was off…either way, feel free to add a bit more (a little at a time) to make the dough a little less sticky.


The second recipe is for a pie crust. Again, I have pie crust recipes on the blog, but I had not made this one before. It made pie crust in a new way, and I wanted to try it out. I figured, if the crust didn’t come together nicely, I could always make one of my regular recipes instead. The main downside to this recipe is that you must have a food processor for the recipe. Maybe you could use a fancy blender? Obviously you can make pie crusts by hand, since food processors are not ancient technology, but this recipe is supposed to be fool-proof.


The first time you make the pie crust, it takes a bit longer because the steps aren’t the same as normal recipes. You actually process the dough much longer. In the recipe, they said “25 short pulses” but I actually needed much longer. Either I do very short pulses, or my processor is not as strong as theirs. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter since there were step-by-step pictures. I spent a good bit of time comparing my dough to the pictures, just to make sure I was doing it correctly. All in all, it was about 15 minutes to make the dough, which isn’t that long. Next time it would probably be closer to 10 minutes.

IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2937 IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2941

Rolling it out was about the usual length of time, and one nice thing is that I found the dough easy to correct. I can never get those perfect circles of dough when I roll, so what I did this time was break off pieces where the dough was getting too big, and push them onto the parts where I needed a bit more, to get it closer to a circle shape. By sprinkling a little extra flour on top and rolling, it was all combined with the main dough again.


I also appreciated the directions for forming the pie crust. I’ve had difficulty with doing edges. Sometimes it shrinks too much when it bakes, it tears when I am forming it, or it just doesn’t seem to work well. This time, I liked the idea of allowing 1/2 inch overhang (and using scissors to cut off the dough was so much easier than a knife), then folding the extra under itself. That seemed to do the trick of keeping the crust from tearing as I crimped the edges. The dough was also a bit easier to work with for this.

IMG_2943 IMG_2945

I did not pre-bake this crust, so I can’t speak for how well it shrinks/browns without a filling. I made a favorite: apple crumb pie. I am fairly certain I make it every year for my dad. K always likes to have some, too, and this year he got to keep the leftovers for when my dad had to leave. Making this pie in peak apple season with super sweet Golden Delicious apples is amazing. Even I like to eat it, and I am not the fruit dessert kind of girl.

IMG_2959 IMG_2969 IMG_2972 IMG_2973

Check back in later this week for a way you can use the extra pie dough.

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