Friday Favorites 15

Today I am bringing some Fall recipes, desserts, side dishes, and main courses. Some great variety to make you hungry. I was fine before I started writing this, but now am hungry. So, I will make this short so that I can get a snack. 😉 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, if you celebrate, and aren’t super nuts with your Black Friday shopping (I never got into that, but I’m not a huge shopper anyway).

Friday Favorites-001

Today’s picture should help you feel warm and cozy. The Fudgelet is modeling one of his new sweaters. He has been going on shopping sprees…speaking of shopping….okay okay, I bought him some stuff and then they sent more coupons/store cash for buying it, so he got more stuff…if my clothing size was easier to figure out, I would do more online shopping myself. It’s so much easier buying stuff for him! And besides, I spend way more time figuring out what to dress him in than myself. My main concerns are practical with the weather and comfort in taking care of him. So exciting. 😉


Friday Favorites-002

  1. So, I get it. This recipe strikes you as more of a Halloween recipe, but I see nothing wrong with enjoying candy all year long. If it really bothers you, feel free to save it for next October. Or November with leftover candy.
  2. This is the type of treat you want to make when you are craving apple pie, but either don’t want to bother with crust, or prefer a crumb topping. I often fall into both categories.
  3. This isn’t a Fall-type recipe….and I would want to cook the eggs through a bit more since I’m actually not a runny yolk kind of girl, but mmm. Breakfast tacos are making me hungry. Avocado and egg is a great combination. Unless you’re the Fudgelet who won’t eat avocado.
  4. Back on the Fall train, this recipe is simple, but sounds good! I like butternut squash in ravioli, but I also like this idea of using it as a topping! Bonus, I could even buy Trader Joe’s chopped up butternut squash if I’m feeling lazy (always).
  5. This is an interesting twist on simple rice to fancy up some of your meals. The idea of adding a bit more flavor to basic rice is one I like to do, and this combo sounds tasty.

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