Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 16 Months!

Sweet 16? Maybe. The Fudgelet is sweet, but definitely has his tricky moments, too. But let’s start with the obvious….he is still a cutie.


He only had a few words the last time I checked in with you on his progress. Now, he has over a dozen! I guess once you get the hang of it, picking up words isn’t so hard? Obviously some words don’t sound exactly right just yet, but he is getting there. It’s so close to hear him mimicking us. And besides speaking, what he understands is even more amazing. We can ask him to help us clean up, put something away, open/close a door, bring an object…he follows directions pretty well. I had noticed him doing it a little, and then I proceeded to ask him anytime I wanted him to do something, just to see if he would. Most of the time he did, so I knew he was understanding me, and that it wasn’t just a coincidence, haha. Next was having K do it with him. K was so excited when he would follow his requests, too.


He still loves reading, and it will be fun when he learns to read the words in the books. I started reciting one the other day, and he went and pulled it out.


We received some free balls and used a laundry basket until we ordered a regular ball pit. He has been a big fan. After his 15 month check-up when he received a bunch of shots, he was pretty miserable. But, he perked up a bit sitting in the basket. And then perked up more when he got to read his books in there, too!


For the less good progress, he has been on/off with his napping routine. Sometimes he has been great, and other times waking up after a 10/20/30 minute nap. If I rush up, I can sometimes get him to nap longer, but it is a bit stressful never knowing when he might wake up. If he needs a nap, or wants something, he now has started proper toddler tantrums. His first one was (of course) in public while out with a friend and her kids. That time was because he had been transitioning his nap time, and I hadn’t gotten us home fast enough. The picture above? He was also tired because it was a little late and we were letting him help hand out candy on Halloween. He was okay until we tried to hold him for pictures.


I can’t actually remember what he did the day I put him in this outfit. It was probably not napping/throwing food/some other annoying toddler behavior. Basically, I was mad, but knew getting mad meant nothing to him (he either gets confused or thinks it is funny). So, I dressed him in a silly-looking outfit to make myself feel better. Surprisingly, it worked. Do you think I can get away with that “punishment” when he is a teenager?


Yep, he is carrying around a big container of goldfish. The nice part is, if he is hungry and wants me to know it, he will go and pull snacks out of the pantry. He can’t open any of them yet, but it is a clear signal to get him some food. He doesn’t always eat much at meals, and often I think he wants food, but he doesn’t. So, I am okay with this habit of his. 🙂


Outside of not always eating properly or sleeping properly, he really is a fun kid. He has gotten better at climbing (partially because he is getting taller, so can reach more) and pushing buttons, both which require strength. When he plays with his cars, he makes them go “vroom”.


He also still loves to give me hugs and kisses, which I can’t get enough of. Even when he has a cold, and I get all sniffly, too.


16 months have gone really fast, and I am looking forward to the next set of months!


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