Deviled Scrambled Eggs

Okay okay, I don’t have the most Halloween-ish post to offer you, even with it being in a few days. I promise to have pictures/stories of the Fudgelet’s second Halloween sometime soon, but that will be after the holiday, obviously. In the meantime, I did offer a craft for this time of year, and this is my attempt to make this recipe appropriate for Halloween, too. You could totally run with it and decorate the plate or something…I leave that to you Master Holiday Visionaries. The best I have is Devil-ed Eggs…because, you know, a devil is scary?? Or you know, I might have just made this because the Fudgelet loved the deviled eggs at his party, and I decided to take that same idea. (cough cough)


The weird thing about this? I would have thought it would have been a popular idea. I mean, mayonnaise is egg (with stuff), and you put it in deviled eggs, so it makes sense…K loves to use mayo on his egg sandwiches. It’s weird to me, but he loves his white bread, mayo, egg, American cheese sandwiches. Ah well. I am also always trying to get more calories into the Fudgelet. Most of his food is relatively fat free because that’s how he likes it, so I try to add a bit of butter/etc. to thinks to get him a little bit of richness, too. Good for that growing brain of his.

Well, anyway, after I made this for lunch one day, I looked it up and discovered that it isn’t that common. At least, not on the internet. And obviously the internet has all the answers. 😉

So, this is what you do…

Make your scrambled eggs however you like. I’m not picky about this. I usually add a touch of water to my egg(s) before whisking them. Then, I pour it in a pan with some bubbling butter. After that, I stir stir stir. For the Fudgelet, I don’t stir as often since I want the eggs to be bigger pieces for him to pick up with his fingers. Then….

You will need:


  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Thyme

I add a bit of mayonnaise to the pan. For one egg, about 1-1.5 Tablespoons is sufficient. Then, I sprinkle the seasoning on top and stir some more. I let the eggs sit in the pan for a minute to brown a bit, then off the heat and to the baby! Or to your mouth, or whomever. 😉


Did you notice the other food item on the plate?


I managed to get the Fudgelet on the brussel sprout boat with me. K doesn’t like them, but the Fudgelet was a fan of these shredded ones that I sauteed.

Happy Halloween week for those of you who like to celebrate it. 🙂

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